Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Back to the ol' grind...

Oh wow.. I don't know if anyone else went back to work today, but if you did, I am sure that you agree with me that it was SO HARD TO GET OUT OF BED! I had a whole week of sleeping in, playing games, eating way too much, giving gifts, receiving gifts, seeing family and just plain relaxing! We had SUCH a good Christmas this year! I'll do a quick recap (and I am so bummed that Darin has the cords for the camera so I can't share all my pictures with you!) Maybe tomorrow... check back. =)

Monday night (19th) - Friday morn (23rd) - Went to Friedenswald with Darin's Yoder side. SO INCREDIBLY FUN!!! Every other year they rent a retreat center in Michigan and the entire family stays in a big cabin-ish place for 4-5 days. We played games, ate, put together puzzles (something I hadn't done in YEARS), read, took naps, stayed up late, slept in and went TUBING! Yeah, I had never been tubing on snow before.. I'd only been tubing behind a boat. Apparently I have now lived because I barreled down a huge hill at super fast speeds. Darin and I went together on one tub most of the time because you could HAUL HINEY down that hill with lots-o weight. We went every day we were there. It was so great to see family and relax. I can't wait until 07' when we go back!

Friday AM - We had to leave pretty early from Michigan so that I could be back for gymnastics practice. Holy cow.. quite the practice. Renae, our only junior, was working a twist in her layout. Well, it went horribly wrong in the landing, she screamed and fell to the floor. I didn't see it but heard the scream followed by the "look" the head coach gave me. The, "this-is-serious-call-for-help-now" look. I glanced at her foot on the way to my phone and yeah, her foot was off to the side of her leg... totally dislocated. So I called the EMT's and they took so incredibly long to get there. I was so proud of her teammates, though. As the head coach and I were laying with Renae before the paramedic got there, I looked up to find my team in the corner praying for Renae.. all on there own. My girls are growing up and becoming so mature!! Sniff, sniff...

Christmas Eve and Christmas - Completely filled with family gatherings. So much fun.. we spent equal time with Darin and my family. We went to church on Sunday and had an amazing turn-out! It was so fun to be in Jesus' house on his birthday. Darin, his mom and brother seemed to do well emotionally without Jim. I am not kidding when I tell you that they are the strongest family! This was only the second year with my step-family and we had a ton of fun playing games. I really missed my mom, though. I had a really good cry on the way home on Christmas night. This is my 3rd year without her but Christmas was her thing. Everything is so different now and even though each year it gets easier, it's still extremely hard. Any-who..

Yesterday - Slept in and cleaned the ol' house. I may do a house tour in a future blog since the house is clean. GabbyFek did one and it's so fun to see inside her house! I am TOTALLY one of those people that looking inside your house when it's dark out and your lights are on with blinds/curtains up. I'll admit it. I'm not sure what that had to do with yesterday's events.. RANDOM! That's seriously how my brain works!

So happy to be tapping back into my addiction in blog world and 2Peas. Oh, and guess who's my biggest blog fan? MY DAD! Yep! Good ol' pops! Dad.. hope you can figure out how to sign on so you can leave a comment. =) I'm sure you'll fit in with all my scrap friends.


Mara said...

darcy!! so glad you had a wonderful holiday with family and friends.

your poor gymnast... hope she's ok.

glad you're back!! :)

Kat said...

sounds like a fabulous holiday! i've only been sledding once, and tubbing once in the water. sounds like fun though!
so scary about your gymnast! hope she heals well
glad you're back : ) : )

monica said...

Sounds like a great holiday. So sorry to hear about your gymnast, hope that doesn't happen again. OUCH!!