Friday, December 09, 2005


Woah. I bit the bullet and created a blog. =) Man, the hardest thing was creatin' that title! I had to think about it for a day and to whomever knows me, that is a super long time for me to think about anything. It's from a song of my favorite artist, Jeremy Camp. The song is "My Desire" on his Restored CD. Go buy it if you don't already own it.

Okay.. why did I create a blog?

#1 All the coolest scrapbook gals do it. Yes, I want to be a "coolest scrapbook gal" and no.. I wouldn't jump off a cliff if all my friends were doing it. Although, if Ali Edwards were jumping off a cliff, I'd try to stop her cuz she's the queen of all scrapbooking... I'd jump with her if I had to.

#2 I want my youth group girls and gymnastics team to visit.. the coolest high school girls in the entire world! In this blog, they will see that I really am a cool, hip, DORK!!

#3 Darin thought it was a cool idea.. even though his first response was, "This is going to be about scrapbooking, isn't it?" He knows me so well! It's not going to be about scrapbooking entirely!! Maybe I can ramble here and won't have to so much at home. =)

#4 And lastly, I want to be a cool scrapbook gal. Oops.. already mentioned that! All the published girls have a blog.. maybe this blog is the key I need to be published! We'll see..

Okay.. that title. I'll explain it a little more. I've been through a ton in my 25 years of life. At 20 my mom was diagnosed with cancer and died 3 years later.. I was in a horrible relationship for 5 years.. I got WAY too skinny with an eating disorder in college.. ended up marrying my wonderful husband, Darin last May.. and just 2 weeks ago his father was killed in a tree cutting accident. As you can see (read), a lot of things have happened in my relatively short life. [I know I went through those events very quickly.. stayed tuned to my uber cool blog and I'll elaborate at a later date] I love Jeremy Camp because his lyrics.. he is SO real! Like the title of this blog, I have been through so much but there is so much left unseen! My desire is to be used by God in anyway He sees fit. I prayed about this blog and believe that God can use me through this. He's taken me beyond everything I have hoped.. made me the Darcy that I am today.. and there's still more left unseen.

Thought I would leave you with this page I did last night. DARIN CAME UP WITH THE TITLE!!! Isn't he great? And HOT?


Erin said...

Yeah Darcy!!! Glad to see your blog! I already told you this, but love that page you did!

jes said...

Darcy welcome to the world of the blogger. I find that throughout the day I will think to myself, " I shoudl Blog about THAT." Although I am not a scrap booker, i really liked your page. How didi you do it? I have never seen that. OK- So welcome and I will check in on you to see what is new in darcy-land. Take care-Jessica

Jessica F said...

Yipee!!!! I'm so excited that you have a blog now- it'll be awesome to follow along with all the fun stuff going on in your life. You didn't need a blog to make you a 'cool scrapping gal' but I'm happy you got one! xo

Erin said...

yay, darcy is joining the blogging world!
whoooo hoooooo!!!
can't wait to see more from you girl!

Mara said...

Yay, Darcy!! You have a blog... so glad that you're here. Can't wait to read more. Hope you're having a great week!

gabbyfek said...

that page is GORGEOUS, darcy...
as are you, of course....
hurray for blogging!

Jen said...

Cute Cute page! I love the paisley paper!