Wednesday, December 14, 2005

This hair...

Okay.. we need to vote. Darcy is sick of her hair. Quick overview.. my hair is getting pretty long. It's about 3-4 inches below my shoulders. It's very naturally curly (which mean SUPER quick mornings.. shower, pick, mousse.. yes, I use mousse, soooo 80's but it works.. scrunch w/ towel, difuse, done) but I can get it super straight when I want a straight day. My hair is dark blond with like 3 colors of high and low lights. My original goal.. grow out my hair for Locks of Love. Super cool goal, right? Give some cutie-head little cancer patient my curls! I have a SUPER big place in my heart for cancer related anything because of my mom's illness. She had some FAB wigs.. just wanna do what I can. Gotta have 10 inches to cut and my hair can't go above my chin or I'll look like a giant Q-tip. Let's look at the pros and cons of Darcy as a long hair girl or a short hair girl. You all help me decide if I should chop:

Pros long hair:
*My hair takes a super long time to grow out.. I've worked on this length for 3 years.
*Some days I like long hair.. I can do this a lot... Put my hair up in a pony, stuff bobbie pins everywhere to make the curls go crazy, and then add some hair bling. This day it was a beady hairband and glitzy flower. Seriously takes 5 minutes.
*Lot's of people have short hair. The long haired people are becoming fewer and fewer..
*I'm that "chick" with the long curly hair. I'll have to give that up!
*It would make my friend,old roomie & my hair stylist, Erin, much happier. She hates my hair long. Says it makes my face look too long.

Cons to short hair:
*I'm still young.. let's face it... most old chic's don't look so hot in long hair.
*I'd have to straighten my hair more with a shorter cut. All the hairstyles I look at are for straight-haired people. I want that cute cut to the mid-neck, no layers in front, maybe some whispy bands and long layers in the back. This cut = curly fro for us curly headed freaks. Straight hair for Darcy = more time in morning = get up earlier... YUCK!
*Most importantly, the little cutie-head cancer patient won't get my curls.. =(

So, is it selfish to cut my hair since I'm getting so close to donating it to Locks-o-love? Erin the friend-former roomie-stylist says I have until next fall to keep growing. Let me know if I should cut my hair or not and if you have a cute do, email it my way or post it to a comment on this blog!

Oh, and like my profile pic? I thought I'd use a pic with my specs because it makes me look smarter. Don't worry, they're just glasses.. I'm really not too smart!


Mara said...

Hahaha, you crack me up, miss hair-do!! ...I love that you took the pic of the do.

Ok, first of all, I think locks of love is a WONDERFUL thing. If you can manage it, I think it would be the best feeling in the world for you and them to give your hair. That's just my opinion and I'm not a good source b/c I've had my hair past my shoulders for about 5 mins once. Ok, I am exaggerating, but you get the idea...

monica said...

I know what you mean about mousse, it's the only thing that works for me. Didn't know you had a blog, very cool!!!!


Emily said...

just found your blog, Darcy!!! You have awesome hair, you are lucky! I have fine, thin, soft hair that I hate :) If I had versatile hair like yours, I'd be experimenting and chopping it off every now and again...there are only so many options with my hair :)

kaylaaimee said...

DARCY HAS A BLOG!! All is right with the world. I was growing my hair out for LOL last year and I cut it off early (as a surprise for he whoe shall not be named b/c he liked my hair short- and then we broke up!) and I totally totally regret not waiting and donating it. Because I was SO CLOSE and I still want to do it and now I have to grow it out all over again. SO I say wait. It will be the best feeling to cut it AND donate at the same time. Besides, that way someone can have hair as fabulous as yours. I want to cut my hair really really bad- it's alot like yours. BUt I also want to look like HIlary Duff and then donate it all. *sigh* This is like a little hair novella I've written. *happy dance for Darcy blogging*

jes said...

I love the Locks of Love idea...and I think that it is worth a minor struggle for a couple more months...but did you know that there are supplements (natural) that you can take to assist the speed of your hair growth?!? That's right, and for 3 easy payments of $19.99 you too can have long hair. Ok, just kidding, but there are supplements to speed up the process. Now as far as your struggle NOW, have you considered long bangs? When I first moved home, My BFF julia cut me some bangs and I thought she was crazy, but I really like them now, and it helps to frame your face more, so that would possibley satisfy Erin's desire also. Just a thought. Email me if you want me to find out about the supplement thing

Felicia said...

Fellow curly haired girl here...I know what you mean about it being so easy in the mornings. I love having long curly hair, uhh...except when I want it straight and it takes me forever to blow it out and flat iron it. The Locks of Love thing would be really nice though. Sorry I'm not much help. =/