Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Tour Continues

Good news... my gymnasts have been frequenting my blog. Yesterday they yell at me, "Darce! Take a picture of us and put it on your blog!" Then I turn around to find this...

They decided that conditioning would be more fun if they hiked up their shorts. Indeed, conditioning was more fun with a frontal wedgey.

Okay, back to our normally scheduled blogging! Time for the next rooms in our tour of the Darin/Darcy household. I am way too excited to do one room a day so I am going to show you our 2nd bedroom, the scrap room and one of our bathrooms. Tomorrow will be the grand finale of our bedroom because there's a supa cool story behind it. Again, you will be drooling over my hubby. Not just because he's cuter ones cuteness should be allowed, but because he's incredibly romantic as well. (Don't worry.. tomorrow's tour of our bedroom will be rated PG for my viewing audience.. no skanky poles or anything, just a super sweet story of how my bedroom came to be!)

O-key, dokey! Here is the before pic of our 2nd bedroom: BORING! This room actually wasn't too bad. There was just a broken window, a few holes in the walls and no closet.

Here's the after pic: We are using it as a workout room right now (Darin's modeling that in the pic.. thank you Darin). We used to have a bed in there for our guests when they spent the night but after 6 months of marriage and we were "guest-less" we realized that either #1 no one loves us or #2 the family that comes to see us more than likely stays at our parents homes. So, the room becomes a workout space that we need to use more than we actually do!

Okay, you all are going to hate me for this next room. In the midst of remodeling this home, Darin found time to spoil me some more and construct a scrap table, book shelves and wall shelves for me. The top of my table is so cool. I have a nifty hole on the top of the table with my trash can underneath so I just swipe all my trash into my hole and WALA! it's in the trash. We (more like I) still have plans for the underneath of the scrap table with drawers and a cabinet door to hide the filing cabinet. My filing cabinet houses my 8.5X11 paper & scraps in files by color.

Here's my 12X12 paper storage thingy Darin made: It still awaits me staining it. I still can't figure out if I want to organize my paper by color or manufacturer. Any suggestions? I see pros and cons to both ways.

And here is the chair that sits in the corner for Darin to watch football in while I scrap. We both are extremly happy to do our own thing together. OOOO.. also note the stripes on the wall with the window on it. Yep, stole the idea from SEI paper. And what's funny is that I think I could count on my hand the number of times I've scrapped anything SEI. Just really thought those stripes would look pretty on my walls!

Okay, and for the last room of the day, bathroom #1 before: You guys, people actually lived in this house in this condition. Not sure how.. our neighbors told us it was a drug house. So far, we have not found any narcotics hidden in the walls. I'm sure I'll blog about it if we do.

Here is the after picture of bath #1: When I first moved in, Darin didn't understand why the towels to the right are just for pretty.. you don't actually wipe your hands on them. So confusing for him. This bathroom was totally gutted and remodeled.

And tomorrow the tour continues. Your really going to be in love with Darin after tomorrow! Back off, ladies.. HE'S MINE!!!


christy said...

Yay! I'm just excited that I'm the first to comment on this post! Haha!! I've actually gotten to see the real live tour and trust me people, its even better in person ... if you can imagine that! ;-) I'm not jealous of you for having Darin (he's a great guy, don't get me wrong) I am just so very happy that you have each other! Isn't that better than jealousy anyway. :-)
Love ya,

Kat said...

oh! i looooove your house! and yes, i do hate you because of your scraproom ; ) j/k, but its awesome. i've alwasy wanted one of those trash holes!
and your gymnasts are too cute. gotta love the frontal wedgies......... can't wait to see the rest of your house !!!! : )

Jessica F said...

oooh I loved the little tour. Your scrap area is amazing. I am totally jealous of your trash hole (haha that sounds so wrong) The shelving for your pp is AWESOME! That is my only thing I don't love how its stored.

I sort by color not manufacturer. I do this because when I sit down to make a page I kinda know what color scheme/feel I want the page to be and so I go through my pp and pull out all the pieces I may use. I like having it by color so I can look at all the blues at once and side by side. If its by manuf. I have to dig through all those piles to find the ones I'm looking for. Plus I don't have that much stuff, so I can mentally remember all the KI I have and find it pretty quick in the color stacks. Plus a LOT of my pp isn't by a big line like Chatterbox, American Crafts, etc. so having it divided that way would be weird for the smaller 'no-name' brands. Thats just me though- hope you find what works for you! xo

Mara said...

love this house, uh huh, i do.
it's so cute and cozy and creative.
love the striped wall and the scrap space. so so so fun to see the darcy/ darin house!!

monica said...

I wish I had a scrap room like yours, I'm jealous.