Friday, February 10, 2006

Holy Cow, it's FRIDAY!!! Bout' time!!!

Hair turned out so cute! All my gymnasts of course notice the trim-a-roo right away and Darin did not.. he's excused, he's still a beginner husband.

Sorry I waited a day to post the hair pics. I wanted to show you the straight and curly version of the do. For those of you that don't know, my goal is to grow the ol' mane out for locks of love. I thought that I only needed 10 inches for the chop but a couple of day's ago my stylist/old roomie/friend said that the pony needs to be 10 inches and there's about another inch in the hairtie area! WHAT? Did you forget to tell me that I needed another inch? That's like 3-4 months of growth!!! Yes, I know normal people's hair grows about 1/2 an inch a month but my hair is totally not normal. And when I get the big chop, I can't go above like mid neck length.. I seriously look like a Q-tip when it's curly. Human q-Tip is no good.

So, here's the straight pics...


FRONT VIEW and me being very tarded. Stylist/old roomie/friend Erin was making fun of me for bloggin about my hair cut so I had to egg her on a tad. And by the way, if I ever own a hair salon (it's always been at the back of my mind to go to cosmo school and own a salon) my salon is totally going to look like her place. It's SO chic!

And here are my natural curly pics...

Kinda different look, eh? Gotta love curls. They can make your hair look about 4 inches shorter. =) Oh, and I totally took this pic of myself... can you tell? Do you ever do the whole extended arm, smile and snap a pic of yourself? I always feel so strange doing it.. like I love myself too much or something.

Got tagged by the evah so cute, SO GIVING, Kat! Read her story on her blog.. she's fostering 3 little boys right now and I am SO proud of her!


Three Names you go by:
1. Darcy
2. Darce =)
3. Horseapple.. really don't prefer this nickname.. I inherited it with the marriage to cutie-head Darin Holsopple

Three of Your Everyday Essentials
1. Oatmeal. Yep, I've eaten oatmeal everyday for b-fast since my frosh year of college.. so 7+ years?? HOLY COW.. I'm getting OLD! ANd have VERY old tendencies like eating oatmeal everyday! =)
2. Gum. Can't leave home without it. No one likes a mouth full of manure breath.
3. Lately, the computer. I'm a tad addicted.

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now
1. My wedding ring, of course
2. totally cute black shoes Darin Jay got me for Christmas
3. red turtle neck sweater thingy.. (see curly pic above for proof)
(I DO have pants on. This is called 3 things about you.. not 4!!)

Three of Your Favorite Songs
Oh gosh, I don't know this one! It changes every day...
1. Broken Road by Rascal Flatts.. I know it's getting old but it's Darin and I's song and I never get tired of it!
2. Any song by Jeremy Camp
3. ???

Two Truths and a Lie (in any order)
1. I used to weigh 160lbs
2. I used to weigh 105lbs
3. I am one of 9 children
(hehehehehe... this is a hard one for anyone other than my fam!)

Three of Your Favorite Hobbies
1. do I have to state the obvious?
2. baking
3. sewing

Three Things You want to do really badly right now
1. go home. =) work has kicked my butt this week so I could realy use a day off!
2. DRINK A BIG, FAT, DIET CREAM SODA. but I will refrain from the caffinated, sweet taste of HEAVEN! I can do this... just gotta keep telling myself I can
3. hang out with my hubby. =) I miss him with all the g-to-the-nastics going on!

Three Places You want to go
1. Hawaii
2. back to Acapulco someday =)
3. Europe

Three Things You Want to Do Before You Die
1. be the best mommy evah!
2. go on an extended period of time mission trip (not just like a one weeker)

Three people I would like to see take this quiz
Hmm.. I'm gunna pick some of my non-scrapper friends:
1. Christy
2. Niki
3. Natalie and Greggy.. mother and father of the CUTEST BABY EVER!!


Hailey said...

This cracked me up... I think it would have to be on my list too!!! but it'll happen! Love your hair trim! Would you believe I have curly hair like you too! but i NEVER do it curly...personal preference i guess, cuz on you the curls look fabulous!!! So awesome that you are growin' out to donate to locks of love, my best friend just did that but she did not wait as long as you..and now has VERY short short hair!
Hope you get some hubby time this weekend!

Angel With an Attitude said...

oh i love your hair!!!

Elizabeth said...

gosh, your hair is soooo long.have you not cut it EVA since i last saw you???
I just chopped 6 in. off.. my stylist was surprised at how curly my hair was. ( i was not, as this is my little secret). For the last week, i have been alternating curling it up (i had to get mousse!!) or flipping it out!
very fun to be versatile.
I too am hoping to go on a mission trip.. A's parents just went on one to UGANDA.. very very uncivilized..but amzing how filled with JOY all people are!
something is happening there.. i can't wait to be a part of that same something.
kiss work gbye and Dman Hello.

{ brooke } said...

love the hair, girlie!
very cute!
i need a new cut!
i haven't cut my hair since {gAsP} last may! it was SOoO short. and it's still short. lovely.

anyway! happy weekending with the husband. hope you guys have some time together!

Nichole said...

ok I am completely jealous that your hair can shrink or grow like 4 inches in a matter of the time it takes to straighten your hair. Which i have heard takes forever...but i wouldn't know...mine has lacked curl or the ability to since birth. I understand the lack of hubby time. It is mine's busy season. Sucks but i have to be supportive, it is my job. Plus he brings home the money!!!!!

The visual of a q-tip has me laughing hysterically.

Wendy said...

10 inches is a whole lot when you really think about it. Atleast it is if you want any hair left. I'm letting mine get super duper long this time before I cut it. It's getting grey in it though! I'm only 26! My sisters is worse though and she is 22(he he). Anyway, mine will probably be donated to some bald little old lady now instead of some cute little girl!
Oh-mine is curly/straight too. Don't you wish you had someone to come straighten and style it every morning?

Jill said...

you are just so darn cute Darcy! love the cut, & of course i'm drooling over your curls cause my hair is STICK straight.

mission trip & locks for love? you totally ROCK in my book!

and i'm still lol picturing the 'human q-tip' look =)

Half Pint said...

Hey Darcy! Niki tipped me off about the blog and I am so thrilled to catch up with what's been going on with you since college. I hated losing touch with such a sweet girl : ) Your scrapbook layouts are gorgeous! It sounds like life is treating you well, which is proof that you "reap what you sow" (you can take the girl out of Indiana, but you can't take Indiana out of the girl.) Hopefully we can continue to catch up!

Erin said...

you have the most beautiful hair!!!
good for you to give it to locks of love!

Lisa Dickinson said...

OK, just have to comment on the PUBLISH thing- I can GUARANTEE we will see ol' Darce Horseapple :) on the pages of a mag before the end of the year. Your talent is WAY too dang awesome to go unnoticed - so keep pluggin away, sweetie - your time is a'coming!

And one other note - doesn't A&W make a caffeine free DC?? I think so, cause I drank a few while preggers...not the diet (I know you're trying to get rid of the fake sugar, too) but the real stuff...I'll have to check next time i'm at the store :)

toodles, girly - and oh, have a good weekend!!

*nichole* said...

sooo very cute darcy!! & yey for friday!

Valerie said...

Lovin' the hair!! It looks so good!! I'm so glad it's Friday too!! I'm going to Hawaii soon too, can't wait!!

Kat said...

yay! fun stuff!
love your hair- beautimus : ) i love that your'e going to donate to locks of love. i totally should have done that too when i grew my hair out for my wedding! shuckleberries. maybe i'll start doing it now and then chop it after i have my first baby : )
love all your answers- i'm gonna guess you don't have 9 kids in your family???

Felicia said...

My guess is that you never were 160 lbs.

I know what you mean about the Q-tip head. My hair is curly and really thick so I would never cut it shorter than my shoulders.
My hair is really long right now. I should probably donate my hair.

Have a great weekend!

Niki L said...

I'm gonna have to say you are NOT one of 9 kids...I already know this one!!

Your hair looks really cute, you can definitely see the layers in the straight do!! You are the best-est self portrait taker EVER! One can tell from the photos that Salon is really cute! Thanks for tagging me.

island girl said... do's all around! i love how your hair is so versatile, mine is just straight, no optional curl!! lol!

and i love the salon, your right, very chic!!

jes said...

Love the hair... very cute

monica said...

I think I would like to get published too, but you will!!! I love the straight hair pics, I also have curly hair and it can be such a pain in the butt!!