Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I am blessed...

I love to have funny, totally random posts.. but today I'm feeling a little serious... and overwhelmingly blessed.

How am I blessed? In a million ways, but I'll list the biggest ways below:

*With the sweetest, most kind, thoughtful, HOT husband. Darin is simply amazing in every way. He challenges, inspires, and encourages me in all areas of life but still does sweet things like open my car door EVERY time, EVERY where. He has never looked down on me for anything that's happened in my past. He is my body guard, best friend and lifetime companion. I will never, for one second have to worry about his faithfulness to me. He is going to be the best dad on the planet. I love this man and Darin simply amazes me each and every day.

*I have the best parents. Even though one of them is not here on human form, their influence in my life effects me daily. Parents that were at every single sporting event that I participated in... decked out in pins with my picture on them, WHS t-shirts, video-camera and their clipboard to keep stats. They have showed me what a Christ centered relationship looked like. The raised us in an extremely strict home in which I am so thankful. It has created me to be a better adult, friend and wife and hopefully someday, an amazing parent. Their love for each other was the prime example of how Christ loves the Church. My dad was the head of the household but considered my mom's suggestions, concerns and opinions in every aspect.

*I have the best big brother. When I was going through a rough time a couple of years ago, my brother got in his car at 11pm to come and rescue me when I was 2 hours away. A brother that held me so tight and cried along with me at the funeral of my father-in-law a few months ago. A brother that used to punch me daily that now ends every phone conversation with, "I love you, Darce" and then "peace out", to make me giggle. EVERY time, I giggle.

*I have a sister that is my best friend in every way. A sister that used to make sure her bed was closest to the door in the room we shared so that if a burglar would come in the night, they would take her instead of me. A sister that has spent hours with me on the phone reprimanding, mothering, encouraging and loving me in the best "Darcy" way possible. A sister that ignores my horrible spelling in our daily emails even though I know it drives her nuts. A sister that has taken my mom's place in her absence.

*I have the world's greatest, most diverse friends!! Friends from when we were in the nursery together, college buddies, Pea friends, old roommates and gotta love those church gals. Friends that know every detail about me, but love me anyways. Friends that would never dream of taking past events that have happened in my life and using them in ways that would hurt me. Friends that have been up in the middle of the night with me crying. Girls that have made me laugh until tears stream down my face. Friends that call me out on things when I need it and are the first to praise me when I do something admirable.

*I am blessed that God gave me the talents, the time and abilities to coach. Not to mention a hubby that supports my passion in every way. I am able to be apart of high school girls when they are the most vulnerable. I'm able to be their friend, a coach, a mentor and Christian example when they may not get it elsewhere. I am also blessed to work with 2 other Christian coaches that help to integrate Christ into our team.

*Lastly, and most importantly, I am blessed to have a relationship with my Savior. God has blessed me by allowing events and hardships to happen in my life for reasons... so that I can fully live out His will for me. He's poured out His grace on me continually and will never stop. His blessing overflow in my life and I hope I've given you a glimpse of all the ways that He has blessed me.

For this, I am forever thankful.


Hanni said...

Amen! What wonderful gifts He gives to us!!! :)

Kat said...

what an awesome post! totally brought tears to my eyes. you are totally blessed! what a great tribute to your friends and family & gymnasts
thanks for sharing that with us! : )

jes said...

Wow darcy, that was really cool. I actually am having a bit of a downer day and your post put me in a brighter perspective. Thanks. I think that your love of your husband is an example to many of us. And I love how much you love your gymnists. That is just so cool. I am thankful for having you in my life. You bring an entirely new demention into my day.
One thing that I was surprised to NOT see was JACK, you didnt even mention how thankful you are for having Jack and AnaLucia and kate and locke...Good thing that they cant read this blog. I wont tell on you to them

jes said...
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Wendy said...

That is one of the most inspiring things I've read in a long time. Thank you.

Jill said...

i think YOU are such a blessing to others :)
i love reading your blog, i think i was blessed to find it.
you put things in perspective so well and honor what is truly important in life.
your love for Darin inspires old married folk like me to work a little harder not to forget why i married my awesome hubby too. although i think Gary stopped opening my car door for me after a couple months of dating :( you are a blessed girl!!

Hailey said...

I have to agree with Kat, this is an AWESOME tribute! great reflections on the important things in your life and the blessings you have been given.
I sense some scrapbook pages here ;)

Elizabeth said...

okay so I HATE that phrase.."blessed" , sounds so cheesy.
So I'll say .. hearing you talk now as apposed to 3 years ago.
You are an entirely Different person. what exacly gave you this transformation?
anyways, I would say you are very LUCKY!!
you deserve a BIG cookie!!

Mara said...

i love this post.
you are the sweetest and i am thankful that i am getting to know you a bit more each day :)

RACHEL =) said...

Okay, so I totally got chills while reading this INCREDIBLE post!!
You are an amazing, kind, giving, inspirational woman, Darcy! And God has blessed you because of all those things and more!!
So happy to read things like this - makes me stop for a moment and thank God for all the things He has blessed ME with.
Thank you for this awesome, most-inspirational post today!!! =)

nichole said...

such a beautiful entry, darcy! wow. had me tearing up! you have beautiful people in your life! i love it!

Kirsten said...

You are very blessed to have such wonderful people in your life. Great post.

Valerie said...

What an amazing are so blessed to have all those amazing people in your life!!