Wednesday, April 26, 2006

And the definition is....

#4 a strange punishment for actors where you get to beat them with spoons

What??? hey, that's what the board game said but your guesses were hilarious!!!!

Dina and Wendi!!! Way to go Wendi because Dina was the person I emailed and gave the answer to. =) She is my super cool, old roomdog friend. =) And one of the Bailey the fat cat shaving culprits and my accomplices in our recent honeymoon payback fiasco. =) LOVE you D!! Thanks for posting the right answer. Check out her blog.. she's such an inspiration to all she touches. =)

Okay, thanks again for playing!! You guys crack me up. Alrighty, the rest of my entry is gunna be completely random.. bare with me...

* Has anyone every done or know of someone that has gone on one of those discount vacation thingy's? Like the "timeshare" type offers that come through on a fax machine??? Darin and I even got an offer when we rented his tuxes for the wedding! Just want a little feedback. Darin and I are trying to plan an inexpensive vacation and wouldn't mind sitting through a timeshare speel if it meant SUPER CHEAP vaca. =) Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

* So I shut my finger in the door on Saturday. Yep, EINSTEIN move on my part. I was planting my flower boxes for a little thing Hanni and I call "yard candy". My hands were caked with dirt and I needed my gerbera daisy my mil got me for v-day from inside. I'm on my way out of the house and gosh, my hands are dirty and heaven forbid I get the door knob dirty.. so Einstein here tries to pull the door shut with the palm of my hand.. oh, and i have to pull it hard so the door is latched, right? SLAM.. my finger is stuck in the door. When I say stuck, I mean that turning the knob and trying to push the door handle doesn't work because of the super magnificent suction my finger is giving the door with the door jam. So I have to throw my hip into it to get my poor finger out. Yep.. my finger is STILL swollen & black and I shut it in the door on Saturday. I guess I hadn't hurt myself in awhile so it was due time.

* So, Darin's playing in a flag football league on Sunday nights now. Darin played football in HS and college and obviously it was tackle football. This was his first attempt at competitive FLAG football. The first play, Darin almost smeared a poor kid because his brain hadn't clicked from tackle football to flag football. And ladies.. I have my camera ready because I'm pretty sure that before this season is over, someone's pants are gunna get ripped off. That belt of flags they wear is WAY too close to the top of their pants and those boys go after the flags with a vengeance. =) As I said, the camera is close by for when some poor guy shows me his vertical smile. =/

* 2 days until "Stick It" comes out!! The girls and coaches have our Friday night date planned.. more pictures and a review of the movie will come in a later post... I'm sure that the movie will be up for an Oscar. =) Postitive.

* Last night Darin and I stop at Kroger to pick up milk and eggs. We head to the U-Scan lines because of course Darin wants to do U-Scan. It doesn't matter if we have 2 items or 46.. Darin will ALWAYS do the U-Scan. I'm not allowed to touch it because every time, the screen tells me to ask for assistance because I've done something wrong. Those U-Scan things hate me. So I have the Kroger plus card in my purse. I scan it when it tells me to, PERFECTLY I might add.. no need to ask for assistance. I back away from the scanner because those things sense that I'm near and automatically call for assistance. Darin's ready to pay and we realize that the milk was on sale and we didn't get the Kroger Plus card discount. Great, I have to go "ask for assistance" like I was trying to avoid for once in my life. I told the 16 year old watching the lanes and he said to try to scan my card again. I politely said I already had, but will try it again... just trying to humor him. Oh yeah, a loud BEEP goes off as it scans. I tell him, "See! It won't discount my milk!" He then replies, "That is because you are scanning your CVS card."

And then Darin laughed.. all the way to the car.

Oh my gosh.. I just figured out why Darin loves the U-Scan... a guaranteed laugh EVERY TIME!


Alyssa said...

Darcy I totally did that not once before... but twice. And both times it wasn't like "Oops, I'm silly! Glad no one else saw that", both times I made a big deal about it and was totally embarrassed!!!!

RACHEL =) said...

WOAH, would have NEVER guessed that was the definition - very strange!!!!
Love all the random stuff - you and Darin are TOO cute!!! =)

Niki L said...

Oh...finger story, I shut mine in the car door and b/c it was wiggling it freaked out my Grandpa who was inside and he wouldn't open it!!! Your finger sounds pretty bad, I would have cried. Hope it's feeling better are you typing????

I LOVE the U-Scan. Chris thinks I'm nuts about trying to go fast so he just clears out of the way when I start scanning!

I'm looking forward to hearing more about the movie!! Take pictures of your Super Cool outfits.

Jill said...

what a silly definition for skimmington...i would have never guessed that one!
i hope your finger gets better soon :)
you crack me up, love the card mix-up at the store, how embarrassing!

Elizabeth said...

i had thought that was close to the right answer.. similar to the one I gave you , but way less detailed..
then I got thrown off, and figured the ever smart Mara was right on..
anyway that is so funny about the uscan thing.. they almost ALWAYS cause more trouble and you end up spending a lot more time in line!!
and what is is it with boys and football.. our pastor even used several references in his last sermon.. Andrew and his boys are all ready for the "draft"..
those ff boys better be prepared for being bloggy eye candy:)
we've done those timeshare vacations twice... awesome, just be prepared to sit for awhile... and be firm in your answer of NO!!!
they are a hard sell, for sure :)

Half Pint said...

I am terrified of those U-scan things. That technology seems to hate me. Luke always wanted to use it, but whenever I tried, I got an error. Haven't tried since...which is like 5 years. I like talking to the cashiers anyway!

Emily said...

Darcy, I would never do one of those "too good to be true" discount timeshare or vacation things that come through the fax machine. I bet 95% of them are rip-offs... especially when you can book vacations so inexpensively on the internet these days. I have done so many times on or You can choose all-inclusive vacations or cruises and get great deals. I am the online travel queen ;)

jes said...

Oh no darcy. Why do you do these things to yourself. CVS, you are kidding me that is hilarious.
Hey, Anyone that i know that has responded to the fax vaca, said it really was just a scam. Real estate presentations are ok though. BECAREFUL

Hanni said...

You scanned your CVS card! :)
Oh mercy, that's priceless.
It's like that commercial where the guy is at the UScan and it keeps repeating "Wart Remover, Wart Remover..."
(giggle) :)

rev said...

hahahaha, Darcy you are to freaking funny!! I know why Darin even married you. Ofcourse because you're pretty, loving and caring but probably most of all for the good laugh. Haha. Well... we can shake hands... I'm as silly as you are but not so cool to post it on my blog hahaha.
Good luck with the finger!
Thanx for posting on my blog (as if I didn't recognize you "darcy from 2peas... with the same pic... duuhhhh yes I'm blond LOL).

To The Moon said...

I'm so scared of U-Scans too! I was at Wal-Mart the other day and had to use the U-Scan b/c every other line was so full- imagine that right. I had grapes in my basket and had to weigh them in....I acidentally put in the code for watermelon and it charged me like $10 instead of the $3 for the grapes!! And to make it worse, a little old lady and her husband were standing 2 inches away impatiently waiting for me to finish. I started sweating and got really nervous. I felt so stupid. Evil U-Scans!!

LindsayT said...

You are too funny!!! I don't use those U-scanners...Greg loves them too!

Mara said...

You crack me up.
CVS card and all.

Nichole said...

Ok for advice on the timeshare parents got caught in that and it is cheap vacations but you pay an annual fee and it is totally not worth it to sign up yourself. but if you find a person who is not using theirs like my parents did for our wedding covers hotel or your place to stay. sometimes it is a condo...of course adrian didn't want to go where they could get the we payed for everything...anyway...I would NOT do it. In the long run it is not very cheap...but I could get you more information or you could email my mom questions...she understand all the ins and outs. It is crazy with all its rules.

Crazy funny the Kroger make me laugh all the time.. totally a laugh I needed.


Kat said...

you are sooo freakin funny!!!! i totally suck at those things too. i can never get anything to scan.
and one time i tried to use a credit card in an atm machine. i got so pissed when i wouldn't work, i marched into the bank about the throw a fit. um, yeah. i was embarassed........

Michelle W. said...

LOL. I'm so glad I add you on my sidebar! Your blog is great!

Lisa Dickinson said...

just poppin in to say hi and now i am laughing my butt off at all your crazy antics girl! so i had to say thanks for the comic relief ya!!


Wendy said...

I NEVER would have guess that definition. I have a feeling there's not a lot of skimmington going on at the Oscar's. Hope your finger feels better soon. I broke mine or jammed it on New Year's Eve and I don't think it will ever look like a normal finger again:(
Sorry...I guess that's not very positive.

Dina said...

Oh, Darcy! I love the Kroger story. I totally belly-laughed out loud in my classroom (waiting for conferences). You are so fun and I miss those moments. Hey, let me know when D's football games are and I will try to make it to one with you! It would be a rockin good time to hang with you! No problemo on the balderdash - it was a blast!
love ya :)

monica said...

That story is too funny about your CVS card, we all have our brain farts, I do on a daily basis. hehehe. As for the time share, do it. It's a cheap vacation but then again if you don't ever want to be bothered by that company again, you might have to change your phone number, they like to bug you constantly.