Friday, April 21, 2006

Blog Balderdash

Okay, we're gunna try something fun this weekend on the ol' blog. I have made a FOOL of myself while playing board games throughout my life.

FOR EXAMPLE: Has everyone played Cranium? There's 4 categories in the game and they either make you draw things, hum a song, do charades, answer trivia.. you all know what I'm talking about, right? When we were playing once, my team designates me to do the category where you have to draw... the category is called CREATIVE CAT. I simply had to get my team to guess what I was drawing. Should be easy, right? Yeah, I grab the card and when the timer starts, I frantically start to draw a cat.. my team got that part.. but how do I draw the word creative? I forgot to FLIP OVER the card and tried to draw a creative cat... the picture and words that are on EVERY card in that category. Yeah, not so smart here. Obviously I had forgotten what the category was called. I was really puzzled when the other teams were shouting out "giraffe"!! I was thinking, "Why are they drawing a giraffe when the answer is CREATIVE CAT!?"

Has anyone ever played Balderdash? The game where they give you a crazy word that you have to guess the CRAZY definition to? We were playing Beyond Balderdash one night at the old apartment when I lived with the girls. (This version of Balderdash had acronyms, movie titles and people that you got to make up definitions or tell what the person did.) The acronym, "GRF" comes up. Oh ya, I got a good one.. When my answer was read.. everyone busted up.. Why?? Because I had written:

"Georgia Restling Federation"

Yeah, so I meant "wrestling", not "restling".

So, this is where YOU, oh blog readers of mine, can play a game this weekend with me!!! Does everyone understand how to play Balderdash? SUPER simple!! I'll give you a crazy word (which is actually a true word) and you'll make up a CRAZY definition for it. Be as creative (just like a cat) as you want because seriously, the real definition will absolutely be "out there". I am going to pick a person that normally reads my blog and email them the real answer. They will randomly post the RIGHT answer sometime this weekend. On Monday, I'll put all the answers in a blog post and you guys can comment and vote on who you think had the right answer. More than one person will win if the right answer was picked more than once. This is such a fun game and I hope that even some of the people that have admitted to lurking (dad, Greg, Nat, Denise, Andrew, NicholeW, my gymnasts.. etc) will play. Okay, ready????

And let me tell you.. I've learned a lot of new vocab words by looking through these Balderdash words. For example:

A cuggermugger is someone who gossips behind someone's back.
A fescennine is rude songs sung at a rustic wedding.
And my fave, shiggers - tight trousers worn by football players. =) Darin played ball in college.. I've seen pictures.. he looked HOT in his shiggers!


Okay, what is the definition? Just remember that SOMEONE will be posting the correct, "out there" answer. Be as creative and funny as I know you all are. =) Feel free to use your word in a sentence, if you want to. =)

Here we go!!!!


Kirsten said...

Skimmington = one who drinks skim milk.
kind of like a simpleton, but it's a skimmington.

Jill said...

a skimmington is a small water bird that lives mostly in the Fla. everglades. :)

kelly said...

Skimmington= a new dance that i made up.

christy said...

Skimmington ... a device first introduced in the 1980's used to clear the scum and dirt from pools and ponds.

Mara said...

Actually, a skimmington, also known as skimhauler, is a rare snake, tyically found in southern regions, that is known for "skimming" the surface of the water, while hunting for its prey.

RACHEL =) said...

In the early 1900's, a carpenter hand-crafted the first ever skimmington, which held various tools, worn around the waist (now known as a toolbelt).

Darin said...

the internal rod of a driveshaft

Greg & Natalie said...

The top layer of fluid in a septic tank.

Niki L said...

I think Elizabeth has the "true" definition b/c it sounds so TECHNICAL!!!

Dina said...

Hmm . . . skimmington: a strange punishment for actors where you get to beat them with spoons. I haven't played this game forever! We need a game night soon too!

Dina said...

I am going to guess that Mara has the right answer.

Wendy said...

I do beleive that a skimmington is a person who skims that gross stuff off the top of their heated milk.