Monday, April 10, 2006


SUCH a fun weekend!!! Got my old roomdog Erin all married off. It was such a fun wedding.. she had 10 bridesmaids and we all knew each other well. It made for some good times.

Thursday Night:
Bachelorette party was a RIOT!!! Erin has been known to make fools out of the brides she's hosted bachelorette parties for. So what did we do to her?? Oh yes.. paid her back IN FULL!!! She was in quite the get-up.. complete with a light up tiara, boa, and tool butt bow to pull the outfit together. We made a few stops at stores to get the necesities for her honeymoon in her nice lil outfit. I'll spare you those pictures for the PG blog version. This was one of the highlights of the night. We made her do a choir dance to "Going to the Chapel" complete with jazz hands. (Story: one LATE night at the ol' apartment, we were a tad hyper and Erin started whipping out a choir dance to a song that was on the radio.. I seriously peed my pants. We thought her routine was good enough to show in this restaurant) This was also payback for her making me sing the same song IN SPANISH at a mexican restaurant at my bachelorette party. No, I do not know Spanish.. at all. I sounded rather gringo-ish.

Friday festivities:
Got to use my college degree again by arranging the bouquets. Horticulture 250 was the best class I ever took. It's paid off for 3 of my friends wedding and my own. It wasn't too stressful... I did realize that calla lilies are not my best friend. =/

One reason this weekend was completely fabulous was because I got to see my nephew every day. Yes, he is the cutest thing in the entire world. I'm sure most of you have done the whole, call the baby that's holding the phone game? Jett couldn't get enough of it! Yes, this smile was after the 15th time uncle Darin called him on my phone. Gosh, he is seriously the cutest kid in the world. That is.. until lil' miss Darinette or Darin Jr. comes into the world. Right now he holds the crown.

Here's a picture of Erin (yes, the BRIDE) doing my hair on her wedding day. She did 3 of the b-maid's hair and her OWN!! She was so completely unstressed. =) No pyscho bride on our hands. =) Her own wedding makes the 16th wedding she's been apart of, remember? And take a long hard look at that picture.. I do not have any make up on... that will be the last time that I post a pic on the internet of me not in makeup!!! After we got our hair done, we got dressed. I had the privilege of dressing Mr. Jett in his tux.I had NO clue they made tux's little enough for him!! Look at him.. he looks amish in his little black and white get-up! All the women were oo-ing and ah-ing over him.. he's such a little amish, irish ladies man.

Here's a pic of my other 2 roomates.. oh.. I love these girls so much!!!
We now have 3 of these exact pictures (below) of this pose.. the bride is just different in each picture!! LOVE these girls.. 3 of them were my roomates before I married Darin and Natalie, the gal on the right, is my sister-in-law.

I love you so much, Erin!!! SO glad you've found the one. =)

Attending weddings always makes me realize what a privilege it is to be married to my Darin Jay.

SUCH a great weekend!


Hailey said...

Those pictures are sooo cute!!! looks like it was a great wedding and weekend!

Elizabeth said...

sounds like a good time.
I always love weddings, especially if there's an open bar!!
that little guy is super cute in his tux! bet he was big competition for your friend..
little dude vs. girl in white!!
You and D look way to much alike...
sure you checked your DNA???!!!

ka said...

you look fab! come down here and make my bouquets and be in my wedding.

Lisa Dickinson said...

That pic of Erin with the jazz hands is CRACKIN ME UP i tell ya. Looks a fun time was had by all! love the bridesmaid dress colors and (belated) snaps for those cool table ribbons - poor bailey. thanks for the giggles today, dear!

To The Moon said...

What a fun weekend! Love the dresses and what a beautiful bride! You and Darin are too freaking cute. :)

Emily said...

you look beautiful! Love the dresses (imagine that!)

Felicia said...

Love those dresses. Sounds like a great weekend. Your nephew is so cute in that little tux.

ka said...

Also, people always say you and Darin look alike but I don't see it. This could possibly be because I think Darin looks like Drew Lachey. Drew Lachey. Darin Jay. Things are lookin a little fishy to me...

Mara said...

you look gorgeous, ms. darcy.
and scuse me, you've got muscular arms - wanna trade?! :)
love the brown and blue... v. pretty.
love all of the pics :)

Valerie said...

You look so pretty!! Love the dress!! Loved all the pics!! Glad you all had a good time!!

Niki L said...

Those are fun pictures!! Those dresses are great colors and you all look so pretty!

Jett looks so great!! The little tuxes are the cutest.

Jill said...

awesome pic of Darin & you!!
i don't think you guys look alike either..?
glad the friend finally got married, sheesh after 15 weddings i wouldn't partake in another unless it was mine!
looks like a FUN weekend :)
& Jett is so super cute in his little tux!

Michael and Erin said...

Everyone looks so great! and I LOVE the bridesmaid dresses! I guess the 6 weddings I've been in doesn't seem like too many, now!

Kat said...

sounds like a fantabulous weekend!
yes, that is one cute baby!!! love little kids in little tuxes, so freakin cute!
you looked gorgeous, and the bride and bridesmaids did too!
now i really want to take a flower arranging class........
love the last pic of you and darin- you guys are a gorgeous couple!

Michelle W. said...

that looks so cute! Lov ethe pic of you and your hubby! So sweet!


Michelle W. said...

I know I just left a comment, but I just saw your comment on my blog! Never had Nutella!!! lol. Those things are soooooo good. Spreadable chocolate hazelnut. Try it on some waffle, pancake, bread, they are to die for! lol.


island girl said...

ahhhh..darce...i totally love all these pics!! those bridesmaids dressses are too cute!! and that pic of you and the hottie hubbie..absolutely gotta scrap it!

RACHEL =) said...

LOVE all the pics from the wedding - everyone looks so beautiful, and your cutie nephew is so adorable I just wanna eat him up!!!!!
SUCH a gorgeous pic of your and Darin - needs to be scrapped ASAP!
I am working on our swap - sorry it's taken me foreeeeeeever!

monica said...

Wow,what a nice friend to do your hair on her own wedding day. Great pictures and how cute you were wearing flip flops with your dress,or was that part of the attire, oops, I hope I didn't offend. =/

shelby said...

looks like a great time!!