Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Love a good challenge!!! Jessie started up a fun challenge about blogging about your "yesterday, today and tomorrow" and then scrapping it. =) Here are mine:

* I was EXTREMLY bored at work.
*Darin and I took out a cutie-head couple from our youth group to dinner.. muy fun. =)
*At dinner at BW3's, I found a new menu choice.. the naked chicken tenders. Amazingly enough, it beats out my norm veggie burger. I'm an order-the-same-thing-at-every-restaurant-kinda-girl.
* Visited my baby Jett and tried to teach him how to do a forward roll. He's close, muy close.
*I saw the sign at our new house that there is an auction planned for Friday at 4pm. Um, the sign said there will be antiques auctioned off. I wonder if they are talking about the same house?? Unless they count the wooden TV that sits on the floor thingy an antique?? But hey, one more step to get all the crap-o-la out of the house so that we can start gutting it.

* I had way too much fun with a website that you can write your own messages on a church sign. Some of you received really lame emails from me because of this new found website. You got to experience the Darcy-dork-i-ness.
* Yes, the above statement means that I am once again bored at work.
* I am having lunch with my mom's best friend. =)
* YOUTH GROUP tonight from 6:30 until 9:00
* It may rain and my hair is straight.. not a good combo

* Will be excited that there is only 2 days until we start working on our new house.
* Will HOPEFULLY get to scrapbook in the evening while Darin is at late practice
* Will wonder where the summer went? Seriously? It's the last day of August?
* Will be excited about fall. The leaves changing, the crisp air, apples.. It is my fave season. Wait, I say that about all the seasons. 'Cept winter. Poop on winter.
* Will only get to see my Darin Jay for like an hour. All day. =/

Scrap page to follow!!!


Elizabeth said...

what a cool thing to blog/scrap about. that Jessie, always so dang creative!!
man, I wish I had a job (ever) where I could have been bored at!!
I always busted my butt too hard, I think!
sounds like you'll get your scrap on..that'll be fun!I love it when my man is away and can get it done!
..and why are you creating random church signage????? interesting site.

Kat said...

love it!!!
poop on winter- crack me up :)

Michael and Erin said...

I received said church sign email - but it wasn't lame! I loved it! :)

amber said...

What a cool challenge! Hope you get some scrappy scrappy time, but bummer for only 1 hour with the hubby:( Have a great night!

Raina_Marie said...

whoa, i've been trying to find that church sign generator forever.

Niki L said...

Great scrapping idea. Those church signs are funny, too!

I LOVE fall as well....favorite season of all!! So pretty and so much to do and get to cuddle up under the blankets!!

Hope you can avoid the work day bordom tomorrow. I hope I can too ;)

Rita said...

I *heart* fall! What a great post. You are so inspiring Darcy. Love reading your blog. Love it. xo.

Felicia said...

I'm also an order the-same-thing-at-every-restaurant kind of girl. =)

Jessica F said...

Yipeee! Thanks for doing this. I've totally loved reading these little things about everyone's lives. I'm totally a order-the-same-thing-at-every-restaurant girl too!!! xo