Tuesday, October 31, 2006

There's a baby in there!

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Holy cow, there IS a baby in there!! I had some weird things happen in the past month so my midwife suggested that I do an ultrasound for peace of mind. It was VERY good peice of mind! Baby H was an active little baby. =) So far the baby is 2 inches long and is around 6 grams in weight. =) Darin asked the technician..

"Where's the other 2? Are they hiding behind the big healthy one?"

She humored him by looking all around and not finding the other two. =) He's was certain we were having 3.. 3 boys to be exact. =) A quarter back, reciever and a running back. =)

So yeah, everything's fine and the baby is actually bigger than they thought. They are going to keep our due date at June 1st since it was just a few days off. =) We are extremely happy and can't believe how ACTIVE the baby was. The technician even mentioned that the baby was being more active than normal 9.5 week babies. Oh gosh.. I'm going to be chasing after this kid for the next 18 years. Totally has Darin's genes. I could tell. =)

Okay, back to regularly schedulded blogging!! And might I add that my work just got a new internet system and it's being very selective to who's blogs I get to comment onfiltered=/ So weird. Hopefully it's bloggers fault and not my puter. =/

Numbers time!!

9.6 weeks along in the pregnancy. Only 31.4 weeks left. Um, let's not look at it that way...

6 lbs lost since I've gotten pregnant. Um, not sure how this happened. Because I've been eating like a horse. No joke. Darin even vouched for me at the dr's office. Soooo.. guess this means I need to eat a little more! Um, okay!

-3 days that we've lived in our house. Sniff sniff. We aren't in yet. Who knew it'd take 5 full days to put a new furnace in? We wanted it moved a few feet from where the original was.. so he had to do some new duct work.. must have made the difference? Weird. HOPEFULLY sometime this week. I spent 2 hours Sunday scrubbing the bathroom for us to live in it. YEAH!

1 new refrigerator purchased!! The first appliance I've ever gotten to pick out. I really wanted the freezer on the bottom, but they were like $300 more. No spanks. Maybe next house.

2 significant debts PAID OFF! Um, I never knew how ECSTATIC I would feel with my student loan paid off. And we paid my car off. Next we'll pay Darin's student loan off and we'll be debt free cept for the mortgage! YEAH for a tight-wad hubby who makes me live by a budget! It's really financially freeing after all that hard work. =) Not as fun to shop, but financially freeing none-the-less.

1 fat cat that was found ON THE TABLE at my mother in laws house sitting in a basket. Yeah, taking a siesta thinking he was the table arrangement. Little goober. And the funniest thing is that my mil let him stay there because he looked cute! She is going to be quite the grandma when both baby H's enter the world!

3 weeks until the first gymnastics practice! Goodness I can't believe it's almost here already. Miss my girls, that's for sure!

Okay, I think that's all I got. =)


*nichole* said...

i think you just added this, so BONUS for me to be here right now! haha! awww!! Darce!! sooo stinkin excited for you! look how little! when is your official due date, again?

MrJack said...
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kristina said...

Aw, look at that lil' peanut! Isn't it all so wonderful? God sure knows what He's doing! So happy and excited for you! :)

rev said...

COOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, and it looks kinda like my baby, hahahaha :). So cool to have his/hers first 'pictures' right?? Save the scans though, the orginals 'ultrasounds' will fade away :)

sarah said...

yay! congrats!
happy to see your little baby H is doing well!

Kat said...

yay!!!!! so reassuring to see the baby, isnt' it? and its so cute!!! (only another preggo could say that and mean it!). dude, i wish i lost 6 pounds my first trimester! as long as your eating, your body is jsut doing what its doing, ya know? and be sure to get lots of rest- no more scrubbing floors! ;)

amber said...

So excited and happy for you and D! I seriously cannot wait to read your blogs once the little one arrives. Hope you are feeling well. You must be, if you are scrubbing the bathroom for 2 hours;)

jes said...

I so feel an unltrasound LO coming on. This kid is going to have the coolest baby pics EVER!!!
I cant believ it is already gymnastics time again. are you going to play that movie STICK IT, at every practice. Just an idea, feel free to use it.

Michelle said...

Congratulations on seeing your sweet baby for the first time! Glad all is going well.

monica said...

I think it's pregnant season, everyone around me is preggers but me. HA!! Those are some cute sono pics, how wonderful!!!!

Linz said...

Oh so fun! That's so great isn't it! It's crazy how they're already wiggle worms! I'm glad Darin was with you to see it too:-) Unfortunately Brock couldn't be with me at my first one:-( But we did get to hear the heartbeat yesterday together!...another cool thing to look forward to! I'll tell ya about it tonight;-) Glad it went well!

Anonymous said...

horray for baby H! I'm so glad that you had your ultrasound and everything is going normal and well. i can even see his or her little hands and feet.

Love ya,

Jill said...

wow, how awesome for you guys to see the baby!!!! it's so fun =) glad to see he/she is doing well & being so active! congrats on paying off some debt =)

MrJack said...

you say you are a christian.???
some model you are.
ever heard of humility?
guess they don't teach that at your church.
YOU do realize you'll get FAT if you really are pregnant. how will you ever manage?

RACHEL =) said...

Ohhhhhhhhh my gosh, Darce!!!
SO awesome and wonderful to see ultrasound pictures!!
Glad everything is going well - and YAY for debt being paid off!!
I miss you - sorry I've been so out of the loop with things lately - I hope things will start slowing down here soon so I can get all caught up!!!
HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

island girl said...

awwww....peace of mind is a good thing!

lovin' your blog by numbers!

Nichole said...

this is the first ultrasound I can actually make out the baby. Crazy there is a little human growing inside you. Can you feel it moving around.

so cool darce