Monday, November 13, 2006

Bailey the EXPENSIVE cat

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When I picked Bailey out at the Humane Society over 3 years ago, I was drawn to his adorable personality, playful attitude and the fact that he didn't meow like the ANNOYING cat in the cage above him. But the biggest reason I picked him? Because of his big, fluffy, long haired fro. Everyone knows that I love Bailey's fro... exactly the reason why my roommates shaved him while D and I were on our honeymoon. I love his fro.

Well, his beautiful fro back fired on us here recently.

Yep. Two weeks ago while we were still staying at Darin's mom's house, he got the #3's. Missing his potty and that isn't like him. There were reasons I was worried (reasons that I will spare you) so I took him to the vet. They did tests on him to find that they couldn't find anything wrong with him. So they sent him home with pills and liquid medicine. Guess it was kitty pooper-dryer-upper stuff. He LOATHED his medicine. Hiding from us when he saw us coming near him with the syringe and bottle... growling, biting, scratching.. we have war wounds to prove. 5 days we had to give him that crap, 5 DAYS!! I was crying while giving it to him the last 2 nights because he hated it so much.

So, 2 forms of medicine and $90 at the vet, you'd assume he'd recover, right?

Um, no. Last Saturday as we moved him to our new house, he quit eating. We thought he was mad at us for the medicine or was sick of moving. Just pulling some 'tude cuz he was trying to make a statement. (Yes, he's THAT smart) But by last Thursday when he still wasn't eating, we started to get even more worried. Friday Darin took him to a different vet (ours was out of town) and they said they were very alarmed because it's not like an obese cat to just stop eating. They did an ex-ray to find that he had an obstruction in his belly. They gave him some muscle releasers to see if he'd poo on Friday night and if not, they were cutting him open on Saturday. All worried that he wouldn't recover well if they waited too long because he hadn't eaten in a week.

You betcha, he didn't poo Friday night so of course they had to do surgery. The vet called D later in the afternoon to tell us that the surgery went well, Bailey was recovering just fine and the obstruction WAS A HAIRBALL!

I wish I was joking.

He had a hairball lodged in his belly. I am not even going to tell you how much this hairball is costing us because you all would laugh me up and down. My dad about spewed out his pop from his nose when we told him how much it was going to be. The guys at work sent Darin an email of a plasma screen TV and tools... things he COULD have bought with the hairball money. Oh yes, it's that bad.

We still don't have Bailey at home yet. He's been there all weekend and can't come home until he poops. So, if everyone could say a little prayer that Bailey the EXPENSIVE cat could drop the kids off at the sandbox, I would greatly appreciate it. I miss him and we really don't want to pay for ANOTHER night's stay at the expensive pet hotel.

I am kinda hoping they send him home with one of those cone-head thingies. You know, so he doesn't lick his incision. We could use a good laugh at this point. You KNOW I'll show you a picture if they do!


Niki L said...

What did he do that is so expensive....I'm afraid to ask ;) Look at the fur on his paws, it's sooooo LONG!!

amber said...

Wow! Poor Bailey, and you, and Darin! Hope you get your kitty back soon!!

Jill said...

i'm so sorry, that's one expensive furball :( i hope he poops SOON, ugh!!!!

sarah said...

Oh Bailey...what a little troublemaker.
I know it was expensive...but he is worth it. :)
I hope he's home soon!

Dina said...

Baily is worth lots of money (as we found out)! He will pull through, poo, and be home in no time. And, of course I will be praying for him!

Valerie said...

Sorry for the expensive furball!! At least he will poop now!! Poor kitty!! It is kind of funny!! Sending him some prayers!!

Niki L said...

Oh my goodness.....a hairball that powerful to block everything!! Dang it....I hope he poops soon! Tell him to quit bathing himself so much!

Half Pint said...

Oh my gosh! I've never heard of such a thing. He must be really clean : ) Hope he's better soon!

Anonymous said...

Cats are the best! I'm sure the little guy is worth the expense and I hope he's home soon! ;)

Kat said...

oh my goodness!!!
i saw on your gmail thingy about bailey the expensive cat- had to find out the story!
oh no- giant hairball sounds no good!!!!
poor kitty
poor wallet
hope all gets better soon!!!!

island girl said...

oh sweetie...i don't know wether to laugh or cry for you!

if it makes you feel any better, i paid $1,000 for my cat to have a sex change operation in order to save his/her life!

Not kidding!

Rita said...

oh poor bailey. and your poor wallet! poopy hairball. hope he's home soon, if not already... hugs.

Anonymous said...

Awww ... poor Bailey! I'm sorry about that. Hope he feels better soon and gets "unclogged". You know ... you could always just give him the "Honeymoon" shave again to avoid possible future hairball incidents! Just a thought ....

j/k!! :-)