Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Colts winning the SuperBowl = a really happy hottie head hubby


The boy was SO wound up on Sunday. Not only did he get to see his favorite team WIN at the Superbowl but he got to preach at church about passion. Yeah, he was slightly wound up for the entire day. As you can see, he is wearing his Loud and Proud shirt along with his fave hat and his Colt cup. (Oh yes, he wore his Loud and Proud shirt to preach in. He wore a button-up shirt over it to begin with and took off the layer to reveal his Colt shirt. There were a few people whistling as he started to take his shirt off.. good thing he didn't throw the excess shirt at me in the front row as we'd planned! Nothing like a little righteous strip tease.. OOPS!)

Okay, so back to the SuperBowl... he didn't move from the spot on the floor the entire night. Not even to eat. Yes, it is MAJOR when the boy doesn't eat. Eating is his second favorite hobby after watching the Colts. And please note the set up in our living room. Oh yes, we borrowed the projector from church and Darin made this screen to display the game on. He was pumped. And how awesome was it that our team won? And I hope you all listened to Coach Dungy speak.. SUCH an amazing guy. Love that he talked so openly about JC. WHOO-HOO!!

And the Jettster..

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All decked out in the Colts jersey we got for Christmas from one of our youth kids. (He wouldn't sit still for me to take a picture so that's why he's rolling on the floor) My bro even spiked his hair for the occasion. I tell you what.. I love that kid WAY too much! And he's a Colts fan.. Uncle Darin's uncle duties are fulfilled. =)


Wendy said...

I bet you guys were so excited about the Colts! Where I live is actually closer to Chicago so we were kind of winners either way.

Valerie said...

Look at your nephew in his jersey what a cutie!! My hubby was not happy about the win..he's a ma jor Bears fan!! Glad your hubby was happy!!

Jill said...

awww, that's awesome the Colts won!!! and Darin and Jett are such cute fans, love Jett's spiked hair.

scout87 said...

What an adorable picture...the hair is too cute!!! www.scout87.wordpress.com

Kat said...

oh- i'm sure you're so happy the colts won, and you're due date isn't near the superbowl or any other football related thing :)
LOVE the picture of the jettster ;)

Greg & Natalie said...

Go Colts! Thanks for having us over again, we had a great time.

monica said...

I bet you guys were ecstatic about the super bowl, that was a good game!!!!!

I can't believe I missed your post about bailey and your baby bump. I'm so sorry about bailey, it's really hard to let go of something you love so much.

But I am excited for you and your pregnancy. Sounds like it's going well and you look great.

amber said...

How awesome that the colts won! I was totally pulling for them, especially after the Bears ripped the Saints apart. LoL
How cute is Jett with his spiked up hair??

RACHEL =) said...

Yes, congrats on the Colts winning - Scott was excited about that too!! :)
LOVE that picture of Jett, oh my gosh -- he is too cute!!!!!

jes said...

I myself was not THRILLED with the win. But Darins dedication is worthy of their win. I bet that he was exploding through the entire game. Congratulations on your colts win. (I am trying to be gracious... but i really wanted the bears to come through for me.)