Saturday, September 08, 2007


This is my husband letting Adelyn "cry it out."

You know, the whole let your baby cry it out a bit to try to teach self soothing. We check on her every 15 minutes and this particular time it was Darin's turn to check on her. Yeah, he pulled the whole "I won't touch her.. I'll just talk to her to calm her down."

Yep, uh-huh.

It looks like you are just talking to her to calm her down.

And I caught them. Yep, THEM. My little Adie is a manipulator herself. Look who's not crying anymore. She probably gets all excited when she knows it's daddy's turn to come console her.

And you know I snuck in there with the camera for the blog. Okay, you got me.. and so I could scrapbook the picture. =)

And no drooling ladies, that hunk-of-a-shirtless-Darin (farmer's tan and all) is mine!
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rev said...

hahaha, toooo funny!! well at least she's getting used to you letting her lie down and sooth her! he has to pick her up now every single time, she'll understand the pattern LOL.
pic = SOOOO CUTE. page ahead :)

Half Pint said...

So funny that you caught them red handed...and with the camera for proof! It is sooo hard to hear your baby cry, I can see why he wanted to pick the cutie up : )

Niki G said...

You so crack me up with the farmer's tan comment!! What about Miss Adie?????? She's like a tan beach babe!!!!

Jill said...

awww!! look at her little face! she looks like she's thinking 'oops! we're caught!' too. so funny!