Sunday, October 28, 2007

B&B... ahhhhh...

Last night Darin and I went to a bed and breakfast for the first time...

Oh my goodness. It was fun.

We went Adie-less so that was kinda weird. It has been almost 6 months since we've been without baby. I missed her so much but we had so much fun. Our youth group got us the overnight stay for Christmas last year and we are just now using it. We had our stay scheduled when I was 38 weeks pregnant but we all know that Adie had her own plans to come a bit early.
After dinner we went back to our room, drank tea and watched "We are Marshall" on our laptop. I think it was a good movie.. I kinda fell asleep for the last 20 minutes. Those of you who know me are totally suprised by that bit of information. Totally.
We are totally old fogies, though. We left for dinner at 4:30 and were back by 7:00. We are going to be ridiculous elderly people.. ridiculously CUTE!!!

Then we slept in until 7:30am.. lately that's been sleeping in for us. We had breakfast as you see here.. it lasted a whole 25 minutes and I was ready to go pick up Adie. I missed her SO much! When we picked her up she grabbed my face with both hands, brought my face to hers and gave me a big, sloppy open-mouthed kiss.
If you look closely, Darin has a black (right) eye. Yep. We were at the B&B working on our marriage. I abuse him. NOOOOO.. he caught an elbow at his basketball game yesterday and now he has a pretty blue shiner.

Adie took her bottle well for grandma Kathy.. although at her fedding last night the bottle accidently dropped on her neck and it scared her so she didn't eat for 10 minutes. Silly girl.

So if I still have any CCW youth reading my blog, thank you so much for the gift certificate.. it was WONDERFUL!!!
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rev said...

wow, you are so cool leaving Adie and having some fun together :). and you are soooo pretty so early in the morning. haha. i wouldn't have looked like that!!

Jill said...

aww, you guys look relaxed!! but i can understand wanting to get back to the baby, i remember feeling that way with Xave! not so much once we had Maria..haha :) glad you got to escape, just the 2 of you for a night =)