Monday, November 19, 2007

Don't let this mislead you...

It's not like I've been scrapping lately. Just scrapped awhile ago and haven't posted many of these pages. Sunday's are usually my day's to whip up some pages but lately we've been busy on Sunday's. And I've been making a t-shirt blanket for my old roomdog's sister for Christmas. We exchanged my sewing for her doing my hair. Yeah, free hair for a year. All to make her sister a blanket. DEAL.

Anywho, here are some pages! Double click on them and you can read the journaling.

Here's one of Adie and her giant chew toy. Kinda an inside joke.. at the baby shower Darin was at, every teething toy we'd get for the baby (Adie) he would call a chew toy. So when she was old enough for her jumper she was kinda midget. So she just sucked on it. Hence the title, giant chew toy.

Stuff that happened in time period of Miss Adie's life. This one was super fun to do! The teeny bop working at the gas station here in town sure gave me a look when I walked in, took a picture of the milk cartons and then walked out. Anything in the name of a good page I am willing to do.
She looked so onery in these picture I took of her that I had to scrap them. I think we are in for it when she gives this look before she dumps all of mommy's scrap ribbons out of their box after I've told her "no, no" 104 times. The look is cute now... just won't be then.
And my current fave. Why we named Adelyn, Adelyn. My mom's name was Linda. She and dad gave me the middle name Lyn after her. Soooo we knew that if we had a girl we wanted her name to have Lyn in it in memory of mom. I came up with Adelyn a few years ago and shared it with Darin. He loved it and was sure we were having a girl first. zi love it more and more each time I say it. I know that momould be honored we named Adie after her. Love the name. Love Adie... love you, mom.
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rev said...

o sweets, those pages are perfect! all teary eyes for the layout with her name & your mom on it. LOVE her giant chew toy, just too funny! and totally love the May layout with all the stuff of her birthmonth/year! I sure need to make one like that!! thank you sooo much for the inspiration girl, this is what real scrapbooking is about!!

Dina said...

Great pages. I miss you guys. I need to stop up and see you sometime and get some time with my girls (and Darin too if he's there). Have a great Thanksgiving. Love you!

Jill said...

LOVE all these, Darce!!! the Name page though...WOW, i love all the softness and your journaling is AMAZING! awesome page.

Erin said...

LOVE the Happenings page! Great idea, Darce!

jenscaleshr said...

I love seeing your pages! I miss them!

They're all so unique and special - what a treasure for Ms Adie when she gets older!

Marmot said...

great pages.
i especially love the one about her name.

Kat said...

LOVE your pages. i still really need to do one about the milk, gas, etc. and i love the story of her name!!! thats so special. i love when names have awesome stories behind them :)