Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fabulous Sister-in-Law's

So I have the most amazing relationships with my sister-in-laws. Love them. My brother and Darin's brother couldn't have met and married cooler women. My brother's wife, Natalie lives 1/2 a mile away and we both go through withdrawl if we don't talk every day. She cleaned my house right after I had Adie, she's prayed with me numerous times during tough times and helped me pick up the pieces after I ended a really long relationship before I met Darin. I love her to death.

Liz is Darin's brother's wife. I do believe we were separated at birth. We shop til we drop, recipe swap and email all the time. I'm trying to convert her to a scrapper (she's a card maker.. see, SO CLOSE!) and also trying to make her get a blog. Anywho, our biggest thing in common is our LOVE OF VERA. Yep. We both love it. So over Christmas when Darin's cousin gave us the bestest news in the entire world.. THAT HE WORKS FOR VERA AND WAS EXTENDING A MASSIVE DISCOUNT TO US... we were so excited. I couldn't shop because of the lack of money but it sure was fun to help her shop.

We went over on Saturday and she couldn't help her excitement.. she had my birthday gift. Which totally cracks me up because my birthday is in July. It's not even my 1/2 birthday. She couldn't wait to give it to me and heck, I'm not going to turn down a birthday gift EVER!

So she hands this beautiful beast over. (Not the baby, the bag)
The large duffle. In MOD pink.

And I did a cartwheel. Well, not really but I wanted to.

My sister in law's ROCK!!!
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Scott and Amy Augustine said...

Gotta love a "baby in a bag" don't ya??? :) Such a cutie!

Kat said...

what an awesome SIL!!!!!!!!! i can't wait till i have one :)
um, and adie is too freakin adorable. i think jessica has that same bow in pink...... :)

My Goodness said...

Oo, I love Vera, too! I have four bags in my collection...each one has been a gift, I'd NEVER go buy one for myself...but I love them!!

Congratulations...we're all jealous!

Erin said...

Me, my mom and sister are Vera lovers, too! I got a purse in that pattern for Christmas and a wallet from my sister - Vera #3 for me! You can never have too much Vera! :)

Alison said...

Isn't it so great to have awesome SILs!! I heart Vera too- it's the go-to gift for every occasion from T- he's gotten me about every item in the java blue. :) Love it!

Rebekah said...

very cool!! and how awesome that you have two sisters-in-law that you adore! :) a blessing for sure. love those photos but i would've loved more to see a video of you & your cartwheel. *lol* :)

kelly said...

i have that vera bag too and LOVE it :) it's nice and big and happy!

rev said...

how cool that you guys get along sooo well!!! wish i had that... and the BAG (and the babe :), look fab!!
happy birthday, ;p

Susan said...

love love LOVE adie in the vera.
and love the mod pink too - i have the apron in mod pink....
awesome. july bday gifts in jan is too funny. :)