Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tag, I'm it!!!

So I got tagged twice... once by Erin and the other by Nichole.
Time to tell of my weirdness!
Rules are:* Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.* Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names.* Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
Wierd fact #1:

First wierd fact. The above "wierd" is spelled wrong. I ALWAYS type any word that has an "i" and an "e" by each other incorrectly. Every time. I am the worst speller and my super dyslexicness comes out in the "i" and "e" department. Yes, I am a college graduate. Purdue, baby. Was even on the Dean's list a few semesters.
Weird fact #2:

A lot of the time I sign my name in emails as "Darce". Before I type my nickname, I always contemplate signing "Darce" or "Darcy". There has to be a certain level of friendship/aquaintenceship before I sign it "Darce". Because if I sign "Darce" to quickly, I'm afraid people would think I spell my name like that. You know, "Darc-EEEE". So to avoid confusion, I have a battle in my brain before I type out my name. Totally over think it. All of you that email me/have emailed me probably could care less. Yep. Not I, says wierdo Darce.
Weird fact #3:

My husband and I only fight about cameras. Seriously. ANY TIME we talk about my lack of owning a SLR, we fight. Like tears and Darin gets his "I am so frustrated with you I could go to the bathroom and purposely put the little water dots on the mirror just to spite you" look on his face. My reasoning... 4 people have asked me to take their kids' pictures within the past 2 weeks. Swa-eet, thinks I. Taking them with my current camera is just peachy, until I looked at 432 pictures of my gymnasts that an SLR took. So clear. I could see bra straps that the judges probably missed. And I started to covet, badly. Sorry, Lord.. Eck. So I figure I could take better pictures with a new and improved camera. And maybe charge a ridiculously amazing price for my kid picture sitting fees because I'm price concious myself and all. But um, it takes money to buy a SLR. Something we have not. The SLR will have to wait. For a bit.. UNLESS our flip house sells tomorrow with an offer exactly $1000 + shipping and handling over our asking price! Pretty sure that would be a sign from the Lord. For the meantime, thou shall not nag husband about SLR.
(A picture of baby Jackson I took on Tuesday)

Weird fact #4:

Maybe you've notice this, but my scrap pages just about always include striped paper. I noticed this when I was organizing my paper in my new paper storage thingy Darin made. My striped paper stack is thicker than my pink paper stack. We all know that's insane for me. I guess I don't believe my page is complete until I've added some striped paper!

Striped paper:

All my paper storage. Darin's new creation.

Weird fact #5:

Whenever I use the phrase, "My mouth got me in trouble." I say, "I got my mouth in trouble." Darin pointed this one out like last week. I hadn't a clue. Been saying that phrase my entire life. Poor guy puts up with so many things said wrongly... and my poor English which brings us to weird fact #6...

Weird fact #6:

I make up words. In order for me to not learn more vocabulary, I just tweek the words I do know. I'm sure you all noticed "dyslexicness" and "aquaintanceship". It works for me.

Weird fact #7:

This blog post had nothing to do with Adie girl. That is weird for me. This may not be completely weird, but I am getting tired of blogging and those of you that know me know that my attention span is that of an ant. Like my college friend Wendy called me after she recieved her "Holsopple Harold" in the mail and said that it was totally cute but she could tell that I got bored with it by the end because all my articles started to get really short and stupid because she knew I was ready to be done with it. Gosh, am I that obvious? She just really knows me. Yep, that's what it is.

Posted by PicasaOkay, 7 peeps to do the weirdness blog.
1. My siser

2. Niki

3. My new friend from church that just started bloggin', Shelly!! (I know your blog is for family to see the kids so if you don't want to, that's totally okay)

4. Jeni-lou-who. One of my gymnasts that also started bloggin! And you guys have GOT to read her blog because she is a total inspiration to me. =)

5. Allison!! (To celebrate NO CHEMO this week!! Praise Jesus!!! Tell us of your weirdness.)


Kat said...

love all your quirks and isms. and that picture of adie totally made me smile.....

Jill said...

i would've never guessed how much thought goes into whether you type 'Darce' or 'Darcy'!! too funny :) i can't believe all those striped papers! and GORGEOUS baby picture too!

Anonymous said...

oh i think i've called you Darce and i didn't even realize it was a "thing" for you :) love learning these little factoids on you sweetie!