Friday, July 25, 2008

it's not as cute when your own kid does it...

So this morning I was catching up on blogs. I was on Susan's and giggled when she showed the picture of the toy fishie in the toliet. Compliments of Mr. Evan.

Fast forward 3.4 hours.

I came in from working outside and decided to lock Adie in the bathroom with me cuz Dairn was still out working. I gave her a new (to her) older toy. A Leap Frog electronical learn to read thingy. I hear the song of the Leap Frog and figure Adie is amazingly content with her new toy. I jump out of the shower to only find my brazier and tank top. Hm. Strange.. I thought I had shorts and undies too. I figured I would find them on the living room floor by Miss Adie draggin them out. And seriously, dirty undies and shorts belong on the living room floor, right? Or maybe I came to the bathroom not wearing my tighty whities and shorts? This would not be strange for me.

Fast forward 32 minutes.

Darin comes in from working outside and hops in the shower. The door is slightly ajar so Adie Grace pushes her way in. I hear a "swish-swish" and go to the bathroom to investigate. I see my cute blond headed 14.5 month old with her entire arm in the toilet stirring up my undies and shorts. She had turned on her Leap Frog to make me THINK she was behaving while she chucked my undies and shorts in the toilet. Then she CLOSED THE LID so she could stir them later. It was all apart of her plan. Lovely.

Man it was cuter when Evan put HIS toy in the toilet. =/ Sorry I laughed, Susan.


Then we did a family photo shoot before we went Ruby Tuesday's for my b-day meal. I want to do this every summer to see how our house changes and to watch our family grow. The house has changed so much already I can't wait to see it next summer!

Yes.. the self timer works. Thank you Darin and Wiggles-worth. Also the ONLY picture Wrigley looked at the camera for.

Wriggles loves that Adie is in kissing distance.

Adie clapping.. cute but a no go.

Wrigley.. the camera is THIS WAY dude.

And what we settled for is my new blog title. =) Adie didn't look at the camera for any of them so it was the best we got.

Still have a lot we want to do to the house. Our addition is scheduled to start in 2-3 weeks (YEAH!) and after that Darin will re-roof. We are actually surprised in why our roof ISN'T leaking. It's eons old. We tore GROSS red carpet off our porch stoops and are looking at either painting them (cheap) or pressed concrete to match our stone in front (not cheap). I'm guessing we'll be painting! And I just got the baby trees in the front planter. And the rocking chairs are my b-day present. We've been looking for 2 years for those babies and we found them in Iowa at a Pamida last week. We took them out of the box in the parking lot in the rain to get those babies home, luggage stacked to the ceiling of the Accord and I love them. =) And this is the topic of Darin Jay and I.. he likes them white but there's nothing else on our house that's white. I vote either beige (like our window trim) or burgundy (like our doors). So by a show of hands.. who votes..



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Rodi Jussey said...

Oooh I vote burgundy...and your girl's cute. I chuckled.

Erin said...

Leave them white! I love them. Your house looks great. And your clothes in the toilet isn't too bad...Emma threw a library book in ours that I had to then replace. Because, really, who wants to check out a book that's been in a toilet?

beckany said...

White... sorry Darcy but I love white!

Shannon said...

Burgandy :)

Umm...I'm a horrible friend...when is your birthday?? Today (happy birthday!?!) or soon??

Jackie said...

hmmm...gotta go with Darin and say white. Beige second, probably not burgundy.

Kat said...

LOVE your blog title/banner!!!!!!!
such a cute family pic, and love the idea of taking one each summer to show how your family and house change!
as for the chairs- first off, love iowa! woot! (thats where all my family lives) the chairs are fabulous, i do like them white, but i think that i like beige. thats my vote. i also can't picture the color of your door.........
yeah, thats my vote
and ps- love adie's blondie blonde curly hair!

Andrew and Denise said...

Great picture. Now you know the struggle we have with our Christmas picture plus another baby. As for the chairs-do you want them to blend in then go beige and stand out burgundy. Drew1 1wa1n1111111 did some typing.

Niki said...

I say keep them white! They stand out better!! Love your pics and so excited you got to have the Ruby Tuesday's SALAD BAR....YUMMO!! :) I know we love those crutons!

Milissa said...

White! It's very country .... sorry Darce.