Thursday, August 21, 2008

Master Bedroom

Okay.. super excited about the master bedroom addition going up so I thought I'd share my decorating plans. Yesterday our amish builder friends showed up and are booking away. We have super strick building rules around here so yesterday my amish buddy and I were out taking digital pictures of the footers to show the inspector when he comes. The amish builder was going to take pictures with his PICTURE PHONE but he thought my camera would do a better job. And you guys KNOW that if he would have pulled out his picture phone I totally would have pulled out my phone to take a picture of the amish guy taking a picture with his picture phone. You guys wouldn't have believed it.. I know. Anywho...
I showed you my colors a few posts ago but I've got more...

Here is my inspiration room. I know.. it's not a bedroom but pretend it's a bedroom.

I even love the ceiling in a different shade of brown. We're going to have vaulted ceilings so that may look cool. I'm not sure I'll throw the butter color in the color scheme.. I really like the blue, green and brown. And I'm ready to paint our drawers but I'm not sure Darin would go for green dresser drawers. =/ So we may have to do brown on the dressers and maybe green or blue on the walls.

Also planning doing our curtains & pillows in this... (it's brown but you really can't tell)

I've been looking for this fabric forever for less than $20 a yard (yikes!) and I recently did a photo shoot for Amy and she had a chair refinished in it. If you are a sewer.. check out this site for amazing prices on decorator fabrics. The damask is $8.20 there. Holy cow fabulous.

So yeah, I'm getting super excited about a new room to decorate. All our rooms are finished so I'm pumped about getting a clean slate. =) AND when we move out of our room and Adie goes into our old bedroom, I'll have another room to do there too. Got fun plans for that one too. That is AFTER I paint 34 coats of new color over the burgundy/red I painted in there 2 years ago. Stink.

And I need everyone to rally together and tell Darin that it's going to look good. He's still not sold and I told him to trust me.. he's loved everything I've done in the decorating scheme of things and I know he can't envision this one. Come on Darin, we know you'll like it! Trust your baby's mama!!!


And we can't have an entire post without Adie-kins!! The other night I went in to her room to check on her and this is what I found...

we don't prefer sleeping with teddy bears, a pacifier or a blanket.. we sleep with baskets. This basket usually has her books in it and actually a cute fabric liner and it's missing all the above. Guess anything within reach of her crib is fair game to sleep with. I know I say this a lot but..
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Rebekah said...

how exciting, D!! have fun decorating! can't wait to see the finished project!! :)

Nichole said...

love, love, love the color scheme. it is so different than the colors in your house.

If Darin is anything like Adrian in the decorating department. He will like it when it is done, just won't be able to see it in pieces.

Can't wait to see the end result.


Jill said...

those colors are gonna be beautiful, Darce!! they're so calm & relaxing, perfect for a bedroom. and i gotta ask...HOW Amish is this Amish dude? like 10% Amish, or 20% Amish?? do all the other Amish folks wish they lived where this guy lives so they can use motors and cell phones? just curious :)

Hanni said...

What cracks me up is the fact that I have that SAME mag page in my inspiration binder. :) LOVE those colors, and they are going to be in my next house. Tell Darin that it will be great! :)

jen said...

oh i love the color combination- this is Jay Haugh's wife by the way--- I've been a fan of red for a while but, lately I've been wanting to shy away from that and am leaning on accenting with the same light blue color- we have brownish furniture in the livingroom and a rug that has a good combo of colors including that blue color...go for it! :)

Kat said...

i wish i was a good decorator! love your ideas :) i know it will look fabulous!
um, love that adie sleeps with a basket! she is too much!
oh yeah, and i totally lol-ed at your "baby's mama" comment ;)

amber said...

That room is gonna be gorgeous. I'm loving the colors! And the Amish guy with the picture phone! LOL!

And the Adie sleeping with the basket shot is priceless!