Friday, August 21, 2009

My lovies...

Oh.. I love my girls! I'm devoting this post to my lovies and what's up in their lives right now. =)
Joya is a roller! I finally got to see it the other day. She's been napping on her belly for a few weeks now. A few times I'd go in and check on her and she was on her back. I so knew she knew how to roll, just hadn't witnessed it until Tuesday!

She's got super curly, fro-ish hair. It was super dark when she was born but it keeps getting lighter and lighter.

The girl LOVES to talk. She's always got something to blow raspberries about. She'll just wait to see you giggle when she's done and give out a big ol' smile. She cracks me up.

She's also been a super napper. I have to wake her up the majority of the time to get feedings in so that she sleeps at night!

And I love it when they get to the point where they sleep with their butts up in the air. Love it.

And Joya is a great Fairfield Falcon fan. She went to her first football game last Friday night and stayed awake during the entire thing! She was held the whole time and got passed around from friend to friend. My sister always makes the girls Fairfield garb for our football seasons. Her little sweatshirt has a #1 on the back.. Daddy's old number in college. =)

They are always in navy and pink.. because that's what FHS SHOULD have picked their colors to be! Forget the gold and navy Notre Dame poo.. pink's so much cooler!

And Adie Grace. Oh she's a fun one!

Last week she made poopy in the potty so we had a Mikey D's poopy party! Well.. I think she was a one hit wonder because I've been digging poops out of her panties ever since. =/ She's potty trained but not poopy trained. All my friends say to hang in there.. that the poops take longer. We've been training for almost 5 weeks now. That's a lot of poops in Ariel panties!

And for those of you that know her have more than likely seen her little soothing quirks.

Thumb sucker? No...
Pacifier? Never took one.
Blanket? Just NOW getting attached.

What does she do to pacify herself? She sucks on her lower lip and pulls on her belly button.
I know.. WEIRD! She has officially made her inny belly button and outie. I'm sure she'll appreciate that when she wants to wear a 2-piece bathing suit!

Yes.. it looks like the end of a elephant trunk. Lovely.

Got a funny story, tho...
The other day I was getting ready to go out. Adie had found one of Darin's Sport Illustrated's and a pen and was drawing on the pages. It was an old issue and she was letting me get ready so I let her use it as a coloring book. After I was finished getting ready I go to see what she's created and I find this...

She put a whole right through his belly button.

Not only is she infatuated with her own belly button, she's infatuated with MEN'S belly buttons! Watch out future Mr. Adelyn Grace.. she loves a good belly button!


Jo said...

did she really make her belly button an outie?!??!?!?

Kat said...

thats so funny about the belly button! have you read her the Belly Button book by Sandra Boynton? its cute
so jealous you have such a good napper!
cute pics :)