Friday, August 28, 2009


So.. the other day my girl Kayla told me just how many of you are reading my blog. Like a couple hundred hits I'm getting a day. She has this contraption that tells her important things like this. I'm a little slow in the area of anything computer related so she helps me out. ANd if you need a good laugh for the day, go read her blog. I promise you won't regret it and will be come a loyal reader of HER blog! So yeah.. the PRESSURE IS ON! I need to blog more to keep ya all entertained and readin'!
Oh... the verdict is in. The plants in my landscaping are in fact weeds. Like weeds that might choke out my hydrangea. I am going to go pluck them out after I blog. Might need to back the truck up to them with a rope to get those suckers out, actually! They are huge! I guess when you water weeds they tend to get bigger than the plants you actually DO want to grow! Eh. I'm not quitting my day job to become a landscaper, that's for sure!
Here are some pages since I haven't posted any lately. =) And please forgive the horible pictures of them.. the lighting is horendous on this rainy day!

Adie is SO ready for Joya to play with her! This day I found a jar opener on Joya's head as she swung in her swing.

I ALWAYS assumed I'd have a house full of boys. Why? Cuz I'm such a girlie girl. Like, the color pink threw up at my wedding. Darin was a saint for letting me have so much pink! Anywho, I always assumed that the Lord would think it's super funny to give me like 4 boys and not ever be able to do their hair or makeup or paint a room pink. Well, so far I've got 2 girls! And Darin's pretty sure when #3 rolls around, she will be a she too. So I did a page about my girlies. And how they will probably be tom-boys and never want a pink room.


And a fun page about Joya's refusal to take a pacifier. And this is the worst picture of the page yet.. no, she's not extra tan or non-caucasian... my baby's daddy is 100% white Darin! It's just horrible lighting on this rainy day to take a picture of pages!!

Oh well.. guess I won't have to break her of a pacifier habit in about 2 years!
And the BI-ANNUAL Quality Children's Resale is tomorrow! There's even more than last time! I think I say that every time but it's true!!!
Here's the details for my local readers...

And go HERE to read about it on the internet!! Hope to see you out there tomorrow!!

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