Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Maust Family Pictures

My good pal Lindsay is such a good customer (and friend, for that matter!) We've coached together, got married a week after each other, had our first borns 6 days apart.. yeah, she's just a great friend! She has used me for pictures from day one of my business. She brings the boys to me for each 3 month incriment and has sent numerous families my way. Thank you so much, Linz! It's always a pleasure to take pics of you and your boys.

Here's Mr. Kahler's one year photo shoot along with some family pictures. =)

Love that Kahler is pointing and Isaac is busting up. =)



Nichole said...

hey I don't think your pictures are showing up on here..blogger has issues today

Amy and Scott said...

can't see the pics. :(

Jewel said...

Ok, glad it's not just my computer. I can't see the pics either.