Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pages to share...

Sniff, sniff.

September marks the last month of Serendipity Scrapbook Kits. It makes me so sad. Milissa's life is getting way too busy to keep doing the kits. Thank you for having me on the team for over 3 years, Milissa! I enjoyed EVERY SINGLE kit.

Here are my last 3 pages for Serendipity. A super fun Jeni Bowlin kit.

Here's a page about how we came up with Joya's name. It includes the list we had before she was born. Scratch that.. it was the list I came up with and Darin crossed off the names he nixed. Let's be honest.

And the wedding Adie is going to be in is NEXT MONTH! We just had her last fitting on Thursday. Included a crap ton of pictures on this page.

Pictures of the new "us" including miss Joya Jae.


These are some non-Serendipity, non scrap day pages I wanted to share. Lots of Joya pages to add to her book.


And these are the 5 pages I got done on Saturday at Scrap Day. (12 of my friends scrapping in my basement every couple of months that all bring STELLER food!)

Joya's first football game.

So pretty much Joya is going to think "I have the Joy in my heart" song is her song. We replace the "Joy" with "Joya" and she smiles and giggles every time. Had to do a page about it! And I used a friend's Cricuit to do the title... I hardly have ANY scrap gigdets so it was fun to play with.

This page is fun.. the whole "let's watch the butterfly come try to fly" ordeal lasted about 5 minutes. 5 minutes for me to get super pretty pictures of the butterfly and Adie and Daddy discussing it.
How long did the page take me to do?
1 hour? no
2 hours? no
3 hours
I'm pathetic. Usually I scrap WAY faster than that!
Adie Grace's quirks! Gotta love em'! And usually I'm purple challenged but I like the way this one turned out! The title comes out on the page quite a bit but you can't tell from the picture much.Swim pictures from the summer. =)
Yesterday my step-mom and I painted Adie's room. WOAH it look awesome! It went from burgundy (cuz it used to be our old bedroom) to the beginnings of a farm house scene. Pictures will come!

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Kat said...

all your pages are awesome and amazing and i am wishing i could find the time to scrap! i'm having a scrap party this weekend, hopefully it'll kick things back into gear!