Wednesday, October 28, 2009

3 photo shoots...

Had SO MUCH FUN taking pictures of one of my bff's families.. They are complete rockstars so I had them bring their guitars. This included a tiny one for Nahum too!

This is the picture that I told Erin I want credit for when he makes it big.

He has a fetish with Erin's hair so of course this was one of her fave's.


Next photo shoot up is the Schrock family!!! We took family pictures about a year ago and it's crazy to see how much as changed! A new baby and a VERY active Jackson! He's a ham and a half and had me laughing just about the entire time. He has such a good little personality.

This picture just about summed up our shoot. =)

And we had to cancel Miss Avenlea's 3 month shoot a few weeks back and our kids wouldn't stay well enough to keep the make up appointment so we did some 4 month shots of her. =)

And of course Mr. Jackson had to have some individual ones too. =)

And shoot #3.. Mr. Graham's newborn pictures. This is my good friend Shelly's new baby. He's such a sweetie and so, so loved. I am looking forward to seeing his little personality evolve.. will he take after big brother James or fiesty little Lauren? Love the friendship we've found in the Carpenter's.

And this week I have 4 more shoots up through Sunday so you'll be seeing more pictures soon!


Elaine said...

Great pics of the Toths! Love the guitar. I miss Erin! The black and white one of the baby is great too.

Susan said...

love LOVE the train tracks shots!