Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Shopping..

is stressing me out.

Not for other people.. for my present from Darin!

I desperately need a new fall/spring jacket. Like I've worn the same one since my freshman year of college. That was in 1998. A decade ago.

I found this little ditty at Charlotte Russe the other day...

(Click on the link so you can see it better.. the picture I stole from their website is crap.)

It is exactly what I want! Well, almost.
I like the fabric, the weight of it, the fact that it has a hood.. love it.
Cept the color.
It's like a brick/burnt orange color.

Which is great and all.. but you all know my favorite color is pink. And seriously.. wouldn't this clash with all the pink I wear??
I'm afraid I'll get sick if I go with such a bold color.
Cuz apparently I keep jackets for 10 years or so. (That sounds HORRIBLE!)
And the other color they have it in is forest green. Nah. That would REALLY clash with my pink.
So yeah.. have any of you seen a cool jacket lately and could direct me to it? We're spending around $50 on each other this year so yeah, help a sister out and tell me where to look!


shiloh said...

Darce, check on they have great deals on everything!

The Sizemores said...

Hey Darcy, check at Jules Botique on Main in downtown Goshen. They had some super cute ones. I think they were all around $48

Anonymous said...

You know... I really don't like Rue21. BUT I like their Peacoats. :)
If you just go to and check out their coats at the very end of the their "Jacket" list, i love all the white and black peacoats, I haven't seen anything shorter yet!

Jo said...

i think my comment might of come up "anonymous".. its me!

The Davis Family said...

Forever 21 has some cute coats...just skip to the second page of viewing 100 per page :) The first page was a little crazy :)