Friday, January 22, 2010

Photo shoots AND a new offer!


Sorry for the week in bloggage. Still super busy and my girls have been taking alternate naps. Yeah.. all week I haven't had any free time because once Joya wakes up then Adie goes down and then Adie wakes up and Joya goes down for her last nap! I know they are planning this on purpose..


My hubby's new favorite movie is "Taken". I think it's because it's about a teenager that gets kidnapped in France and the dad goes to get her. When I say "goes to get her" I mean he literally punches out, kills and outsmarts everyone to rescue her. Darin wants to be this father. Cept the killing part, that is. He says he wants to watch the movie every time he works out so he can stay big and strong to punch out anyone that sets eyes on our baby girls. So, so sweet but the movie gave me an idea. The girl had a super rich step dad that hired a photographer to take pictures at her birthday party. Um, DUH!!!

Soooo.. my new photography offer is...

Hire me to capture your child's birthday party, your parents anniversary bash or even a graduation party. I will charge $100 for a 1 & 1/2 hour slot. Hire me for your next party and don't worry about taking pictures!

Thank you movie "Taken" for keeping my hubby fit and strong and for giving me a stellar idea for my photograpy business!

And speaking of picutres.. had a few photo shoots over the weekend!

Here is Mr. E.. um, could he BE any cuter?? He just hit 6 months so it was time for his shoot!

Love that his thumb is ready to stick in his mouth.

And no.. this 6 month old isn't standing on his own. Mama is behind him giving him some stabalization.

Getting a two year old and 6 month old to look and smile at the same time is darn near impossible! But we did manage to capture this shot....

So sweet.. mama with Mr. E.


And my gorgeous sister in law, Natalie. Not only is she a gorgeous prego gal but she's a hilarious blogger! If you don't read her blog yet, please do. Guarentee a chuckle or two!

Anywho.. we braved (when I say "we" I really me she...) the 30 degree temperature to get some outdoor shots of her growing bel-ley.

Um, can you say "Hottie"????

And the good news is that there's a baby GIRL in that belly! She has 2 boys, my sister has 3 boys and Darin's bro and Liz have a boy and a girl. So this little lady coming into the world will help out our niece/nephew ratio tremendously. And baby girl Rep is a miracle because Natalie went through two horrible miscarriages before this healthy pregnancy. Man, we sure do love this miracle baby already!
Can anyone guess what this means?

The line-up of the bottles Darin is to try while I'm away at a Women's Retreat tonight and tomorrow! Say a little prayer that Miss Joya Jae takes a bottle so that mommy and daddy BOTH can have a great few days!


Jewel said...

Oh my goodness, I would totally take you up on that offer for Braylon's 4th BD but...I am not planning on throwing him a party this year since Baby is due anytime around his BD. We're leaving the parties up to the grandparents! But that's a great idea! I'll have to remember for the next year! Those are awesome pics of Natalie! She is absolutely beautiful! I'm praying that Joya takes the bottle for Darin!!!

Elaine said...

That's a great photography idea!! I love the purple color on Natalie. I think she has the cutest belly...and she's beautiful!

Shannon said...

The movie Taken is what got me all fired up for Destiny Rescue! I can't wait to hear about the women's retreat!!!

Nichole said...

Natalie is gorgeous, not that i am surprised!!! love the movie taken, good stuff.

Natalie said...

thanks for the compliments...always nice to hear them when you can't see your feet:)