Monday, February 08, 2010

More pages..

Got a few more pages done this weekend. Thought I would share!
We did the same shots with Adie when she was 9 months old. Darin requested some with Joya too. And I was super excited to use my new BG cherry paper. =)

Joya's 9 month page. Just stating what all she's doing. Click on the page to read the journaling.
These pictures totally crack me up.. gotta love the john pictures! I waited 6 LONG MONTHS to scrapbook her potty adventures! And of course after I did this page and mentioned how she doesn't have accidents anymore.. she peed her pants at a basketball game on Saturday and had the runs in her panties today. =/ So yeah.. fun stuff in the world of potty-training!


Jewel said...

Awesome pages, Darcy!!!

Shannon said...

You are inspiring me to want to break out my stuff :) I almost have Patrick talked into letting me put a scrappin' corner in our room!!

Andrew and Denise said...

i am sure Adie will love the potty pictures when she is 16. you actually inspired me to push some pictures around and think about some papers to go with them, but a nap then won out in the nap time slot. LAMY!