Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Look who's....


and talking.
My lil' 10 month old peanut.
Sniff, sniff...
Monday I worked 12 hours at our bi-annual Children's Resale and daddy was home with the girls. (go check out the site.. I just put up some pictures of availabe things!) Joya decided to say "na-na" when she wanted banana, signed "more" to tell daddy to shovel it in faster and started to full out walk.
So what I'm trying to tell ya is she likes to show off for daddy.
Look at her go!!!

She's still a bruiser and has frequent face plants but she's got the jist of it. She usually crawls in the morning and by the afternoon/evening she remembers she can walk. =) She's fearless like her daddy and forgetful like her mommy!
And someone please confirm that your second child in fact does grow faster than the first.. it is scary how fast this baby thing is going!
And lately she likes to use her food as hair gel. She runs her hands through her hair while she's eating...

I think she plans it because she gets sent straight to the bathtub.. she's no dummy!

And I have finished an entire blog without mentioning my Adie. I guess I mentioned the Resale where I'll be purchasing her entire summer woredrobe!


Kat said...

so cute!!!
and i agree- i can't confirm though, that the second one does grow faster!

Rhonda Yoder said...

Okay, while I can't verify that Darin did the food/hair gel thing, I CAN verify that the picture looks SO much like him! Your girls just pick up the best of both of you!

Angie said...

Yah!!! :)

Shannon said...

This pic of Darin and Joya is priceless :) Love it!

SentimentsbyDenise said...

Love these photos of little Joya - what a sweetie!
You are a blessed family.