Monday, March 01, 2010

Questions Answered Part 4

You guys sick of these yet?? HA! They've been so fun to answer. =) Here are some random questions that didn't fit into a certain category. =)

stacy doolittle said...
I've been wanting to ask you this question for a while now- Do you workout? If so, what do you do? Do you follow a certain diet? I know you've had issues with eating in the past. I'm just wondering how you stay so thin, and drop baby weight so quickly.

Oh... this subject is near and dear to my heart! Yes, I exercise. Yes, I follow somewhat of a diet. Here’s my beef... I am SUPPOSED to be overweight. Overweightness is on both sides of my family. I used to be chubby up until my freshman year of high school. Then someone hurt my feelings and I dropped over 30 lbs. Then in college I got too thin and was down to 105, lost my period and my hair fell out! So for me, eating and exercise needs to be balanced. Right now what works for me is to work out 4-5 times a week. I change it up with workout DVS’s, a circuit training workout and doing my elliptical. I exercise anywhere from 30-40 minutes. I do it while Joya is taking her morning nap and Adie watches Sesame Street on TV. =) With my eating, I cannot eat whatever I want. Never have been able to, never will be able to. It’s something I’ve accepted and live by. Do I treat myself? Heck ya! Everything is good in moderation. If I’m hungry for chocolate, I have a few m&m’s. I always have oatmeal for breakfast and eat either a sandwich or huge salad for lunch. Dinner I eat what I make for the family but I always make a big ol’ veggie and try to eat a crap-ton of that. I can't count calories or it will consume my life again. (I STILL know how many calories just about everything has in it!)
My eating and exercising have also been put in perspective. Lately I’ve been really trying not to compare myself to my peers and trying not to get to a certain weight. If I work out, eat what I know is good for me, then it WILL pay off with how I look (and feel about myself!) My pre-pregnancy stuff is fitting and that was my goal. And just so ya all know.. I have NOT weighed myself just like I told you all I wouldn’t! I am starting to wean Joya from nursing and then I will weigh myself. I know it takes me 9 months to get back to my normal-ish weight after I’ve had a baby. And I know God will totally bless that… I exercise the fruit of the spirit, self control, when my eating and exercise are in check. =)
Jo said…
Do you plan on having more children?

Yep! We’re game for one more, Lord willing. I think we might try to have more space between Joya and #3. With Darin coaching 2 sports my sanity would appreciate Adie and Joya being a tad more self sufficient before we bring another baby into the family! Sometimes it scares me when the kids outnumber the adults but I’ll get over it. =) We’d love to have a boy to finish off our family but Darin’s convinced he’ll be a daddy to 3 little girls. =) He's SUCH a good daddy to girls.. my babies will never wonder if their daddy loves them and thinks they are the most beautiful things on the earth!
Jo Said…
Are you a big money saver?

We are HUGE money savers! Most of the time in a marriage one is the spender and one is the saver… Darin and I both are savers. A lot of people ask us how we are able for me to stay at home with the girls with only having a teacher’s salary. When I worked, we saved my ENTIRE pay check and paid off all our debt (cept our mortgage) so that when the time came for me to stay home we could swing only having one income. And if you remember we are living in our 3rd flipped home so we have tiny, tiny mortgages because we buy junk. =) It has been such a blessing and SO freeing! We don’t believe in car loans and only buy things if we have the money up front. We pay off our credit card bill every month. We also *just* got texting on our cell phones because we couldn’t justify spending the extra money. We got a different truck for Darin and sold the old one and are saving $80 a month in gas. The money had to come from somewhere! We don’t have the best of the best things but we don’t need them. We try our hardest to be content with what we do have. *TRY* is the keyword. =) Would I love a brand new Honda Odyssey minivan? Yep. Would we love a flat screen TV? Yep. But staying home with my girls is much more important to me than stuff. =) It works for our family. Oh... and I haven’t told my blog readers yet but we’ve saved up my photog money to go on a cruise this summer with 2 other couples. My girl Kayla being one of them. =) I. Cannot. Wait!!!!
Linz said…
My question for you is: When are you going to start writing your book of Darcy-isms??:)

HA! Can you imagine reading a book from me? One would get sick of all the dot-dot-dot’s in it! But I have actually thought about writing down some thoughts on either eating disorders or I would love to write a book on marriage with Darin Jay. We sure have something special. =) And I don’t say that to brag, I want other marriages to have what we have too! And I'd love to write a book to teenaged girls about eating issues. That being both being overweight and having an eating disorder.. I've been both and can relate. And I LOVE teenaged girls so if I could even help just one girl it would be worth it!!!


Beth said...

Here's something I'd love to do you organize all of your family photos (that aren't scrapped)? I'm really looking for a way to get them off my computer and into some sort of logical system for the kids (and for us). For some reason, typical albums don't really appeal to me?
Love your blog. Bless you.

Jo said...

Thanks for answering!! :) It's so hard for me to save. One because I have no kids and two because I like new things. WHO DOESN'T?! I really really have to do a stand up on the chair and jump in the air and clap at the same time for you money saving Holsopples!!!!! I think it's awesome. That is my goal, to save. Was it hard for you to start saving or have you always been that way?

Anonymous said...

I missed the window for asking .. but have been reading for about a year... it seems as though your marriage is a fairy tale. You talk about how hot your husband is and that he treats you like a princess. we know that God promises that marriage is hard, yet you seem to portray that you have some special anomaly.I am sure I'm not the only one that wonders... really? so what works.. are you the submissive wife? do you stand up for your opinions? do you ever yell? does he? what do you disagree on. what have you had to give on. what is your number one , reoccurring fight? and for sure after having kids, marriage changes. how has yours?
also.. with your photography... what education do you have? what kind of business plan do you have?
I just started doing research, am curious how you went about it...
k, thanks for answering these questions. sorry I am late!