Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Sweet W's newborn shoot...

I shouldn't even admit this.. but this is the shoot that I forgot my camera for. I know.. I usually have this fear that my memory card isn't in my camera once I get to a shoot. Nope, I just forgot my camera all together! Thank Jesus they were a super forgiving family and I turned around, drove 25 minutes home and came right back to shoot this sweet newborn! At least you know when you book me that you are getting a bone-i-fied mistake making human!!!
Anywho, this little guy was in LOVE with his paci so we had to get him to sleep to take most of his pictures. And a sleeping infant is just about the most beautiful thing ever. Isn't he so sweet? And stay tuned.. he's one of my milestone babies so you'll get to see him grow up for the first year!!!

Isn't big brother SO proud?? love this picture!!!

This picture is beautiful in so many ways... mom has struggled with MS for the past 10 years and is living out her dreams. Being a mom. She sure is a testimony to me!!!

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Jewel said...

I love seeing your pictures but I especially love it when I know the people! Awesome pics!