Friday, May 21, 2010

Funny girl...

Yesterday as I was changing Joya, Adie joined us in the nursery. She kept pushing buttons on Joya's monitor and I asked her to stop. Of course she said,

"Why?" cuz that's how she rolls lately.

I told her that the bible says that Jesus wants us to obey our parents because it makes God happy. Then she said,

"But I don't want to make God happy."

Then I got to ask "Why?"

She replied

"Because I want to push that button."
The girl has honesty on her side, that's for sure! Obeying one's parents is still a work in progress...

Then yesterday Joya drank cold milk at lunch and I made a huge deal about it (with Miss Adie Grace present)

I turned to Adie and said,

"Joya drank cold milk! Isn't that awesome?"

Her comment was...

"That's great.. but I still don't like cold milk yet."

Peer pressure does not effect this 3 year old yet. Love the wittiness. Don't love the no-drinking-milk part.

And I suck because I have no pictures to post! What kind of photographer am I? One that neglects taking pictures of her OWN babies cuz I'm too busy taking pictures of yours! wait.. I do! You haven't seen Joya eat her cake yet, have ya? Here we go...

Don't judge me by my dirty windows. Just look at the cute baby using cake as hair gel.

And we have found Adie sleeping right outside her door here lately..

She is SO MAD that we are taking her picture in this one!

Okay.. have a great weekend blog friends!


Jewel said...

Ok, even tho Adie's disobeying you...I love how she thinks...! What common sense she has! That's great that you posted it. That close up of Joya is beautiful.

The Lantzes said...

look at JOyas eyes! BEAUTIFUL!