Monday, May 17, 2010

Photo shoot mania!

Be aware.. you are about ready to be loaded with pictures!
I gave myself last week off because a certain person was in town so I'm super behind in updating my blog with photo shoots! It had been a year since we've seen each other because she lives in Washington State. My brother in law shot this picture of the 3 of us. =)
We also did a little photo shoot of my sister's family and my brother's family. I'll then update you on all the shoots I've done that haven't made it on the ol' blog yet. So be aware.. lotsa pictures on this post!
Her twins are 3 weeks younger than my Adie. They don't look a thing alike, do they?

LOVE this one! The twins love their little brother!
Mr. Drew.. trying to fold his arms for aunt Darcy...
Gavin got it! Kinda...
Little mr. James. He's 10 months and I just now met him. =) Weird to think he'll be almost 2 when I see him next! sniff, sniff... they did not have my permission to move 2,000 miles away.. for the record.
huggie-bear, kissy-face..
And my bro's family complete with the new addition of Miss Kyla!
The boys' faces crack me up in this one... It's in Kyla's blood to also be a ham...
And I think this should be Brayden's 3 year picture.. Greg and Nat weren't convinced. =)
And here's the S family! Two older brother's to these cutie little girls.. they were SUCH a fun family to shoot!

Grandpa brought a cool old car for us. SO COOL!
My exposure was TOTALLY wrong in this pictures (i was in the sun and they were in the shade) but it made a pretty cool picture!

Another huggie-bear, kissy-face pic.
I think we wiped out Miss K!
Eldest bro... he liked to be serious in his pictures. =)
Got a few more smiles out of the other big bro. =)

You can see the personality in this little girl, can't you!?
Little baby doll face!
They had the coolest props.. check out this other old car!

And Mr. K's 3 year shoot! He's Adie's bud.. just 6 days apart. =)

Checking out the frogs.. gave me a great back view!
Love the giggle pics!
Such a genuine smile. =)
And this weekend's shoot.. marking the little gals 2 year b-day and her brother's 4-year b-day. They were so behaved and so adorable!

It's a loving head lock! One only a brother can give. =)
Doesn't he look so protective in this one? No one dates his sister in 14 years without going through him!
LOVE this one! My fave of his!

And lil miss "M". Dont' you love her shins? I took the bruises out in some of the pictures and kept them in in others!
LOVED her blue eyes!

Such a genuine laugh!

This week is stuffed full of sectionals for boys and girls for Darin and 3 photo shoots for me! I'll try to get a "real" non-photography post in this week, k?


Jewel said...

Great photos! You have been busy!

Niki "Marinade" Kline said...

Darce! I love your hair, looks so cute. AND...when did Jett get the message he could grow up and look like a teenager already? He looks like such a young man now :) Great pictures.....all of the grandkids are so cute.

Linz said...

Mr K. is actually Mr. I=) It's ok Darce!....had lots of people to upload this post!You have taken so many great pics here lately!!

Shannon said...

You, my friend, are talented :) Seriously. HUgs!