Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gosh, I super suck at summer blogging!

I really super suck at bloggin in the summer. =/  We try to do, well, summer things.  Which include Syracuse Park's beach. Been there twice already this summer and Joya's catching onto things...
And Adie just sits in the water and plays with her beach toys.  And sitting in the water always brings fun things like sand in the ol' bikini bottoms. Don't you love pulling down their trunks and you can hear the sand hitting the floor?
When I say "love" I really mean "don't-like-sand butt much at all" but the beach is worth it. =)
And this past Sunday I dressed the girls in their 4th of July diddy's for church so I thought I'd share the pics with ya...
Sunday we went to the church where Adie had gone to bible school all week and she came walking down the church isle for their "story time" during the service and her little wrap dress was quite revealing. Little low cut.  Nothing like flashing the congregation on a Sunday morning. =/ 
So yeah, I can't promise I'll be better at summer blogging because well, I know I won't be!  Just bear with me and hope that fun things happen so that I have fun things to blog about.  Like burning my night t-shirts or my daughter flashing a congregation with her wrap dress.
Our life is so exciting!


Rebekah said...

darcy, your girls are just getting cuter & cuter!! :) love these pics you posted!

Jewel said...

Ha ha ha, too cute!

Kat said...

such cute pictures!