Wednesday, June 09, 2010

So I guess this happens every year...

Every year my man goes on Summer Break and I go mia on my blog. SORRY!

I usually talk to my sister every day. Cept for the beginning of summer break. Her voicemail even said that the other day, "I know Darin's home now and you are trying to figure out your schedule..." she knows me too well.

We've just been SO busy! I'll do a little recap of what we've been up to in the past 2 weeks since I've blogged!


Okay so the first one is not something I've done this summer.. scrapped like a month ago but just now taking a picture of it to show you!

And this is a behind the scene shot... this is what I go through to get good pics of my pages...

A curious little 13 month old that likes to step on my page and give it a big ol' crease. =( As seen below on the left hand side of the page...

page about our Spring Break mini "ca-cation" as Adie called it.


Also been doing a tad bit of landscaping...

Wee-Wee also got his summer haircut. He ditched his bangs for eye brows.. cracks me up!


Been doing a tad bit of shopping for cruise attire. Tomorrow is the "big" day of shopping.. doing with my friend that's coming with us, Melissa and Shelly. Like "we're leaving at 1pm and shopping until we the stores close" shopping trip. Oh, and Melissa is bringing her hubby Zack too. That last sentance kinda sounded like it was Darin and I and Melissa. Um, WEIRD!

Can't. Wait.

We leave for the bahamas in less than a month.



Found my dress & jewlery for formal night!

Darin said the neclace looks like a wind charm. Silly boy...

And it's not so "sun dress-ish" looking in person... more formal. =)


Darin keeps asking me, "What project do you want me to do next?" which is music to my ears. Today we added some touches to Adie's farm house room that have been on my list for like a year now. So embarassing to admit. =/ My friend Kelsey asked to see the girls' room last blog and yeah, need to put MANY finishing touches on Adie's room, that's for sure! Like her house/loft still isn't painted so I'll show you a picture when it's painted. That's an example of a "big" finishing touch. HA! Hope to have it done this summer. I hope. =/

Anywho.. here we go! She now has a kite...

A pink butterfly kite, of coures. =)
And a clothes line completely with a dress that has her name embroidered on it and two of my mom's baby sweaters....

Don't mind Joya.. she's having a mid-morning spot of tea.

Here's another picture of the clothes line...

Annnnnnd.. I've been way busy with photoshoots too. Had 5 photoshoots since 12 days ago when I blogged and another two tonight. I've come to the conclusion that I'm starting up a photography blog. It's time. I will hopefully have it up within the week.. gunna work on it right now, actually!


Linz said...

your dress is gorgeous! Love that color--will look really good with a Bahamas tan=) SO wish we could go:( mega bummed!

Angie said...

I love that dress! Did you get anything good at The Revolving Closet?

And those flowers in Joya's room are adorable!

Kelsey said...

LOVE THE ROOM! SO AWESOME! and i love the little cutie having tea :)