Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A long lost hobby of mine....

It's been since MARCH that I've scrapped! 

Now that should be a sin. 

I wish there were at least an hour a day where I could set aside time to scrap. 

I love it. 

Love it. 

I had some girls over on Saturday and got a few 5 pages knocked out but man, I'm gunna have to adopt a new method of how I do these books. My good friend Hanni was there and I might try her ways.. she does a page a month for them for the first year and then they get a certain (I think 6-ish) amount of pages every year after that.  They all had a theme, too.  Like "places we went", "funny things you've said" and so on.  And every kid has the same pages after that 1st year (well, the same theme.)  Then she has a "family" book that will always stay with her. And I'm the same way.. when my girls' leave the house their books will be going with them.  I made them for them and want them to be apart of their family!  And I have some family books that get to stay here. Can't give em all away!

I just don't think I can keep up the amount of pages I've done in the past for my girls.  And when you only scrap 5 pages in six months there's no WAY I'm gunna be fair and consistent with the pages I do for them.  So yeah, gotta come up with my "categories" and then go that route. 

And there's also the whole thing that we go to a ton of graduation open houses (i think this year it was 15??) and when you see their scrapbooks lined up on their awards tables.. it kinda makes me think of what my girls' open house will look like??  Um, with how many I've scrapped of Adie we're gunna need a table from here to Michigan to house all the scrapbooks!  Oh how I wish I could go back and have a system when we started having babies!! 
Ok, I'll stop rambling about my scrapbooking whoa's.  And if you wanna, you can leave a message in my comments about how you do your scrapbooking.  That would be great!  I could use all the ideas I can get!


Ok.. here are the pages I whipped up on Saturday (and a few I forgot to show you.. can't remember when I did them)
(And I wish I would have used my other lens.. these pics are a tad bit blurry. I'm too lazy to go shoot them again!  Double click on them and you'll be able to read the journaling a bit better.)

Here's Joya enjoying her cupcake on her actual birthday.

A fun little 15 month page about all the things she's doing...
Adie's 3 year page...
And this is an old page I forgot to show you.. bout how hard it is to take family pics now!
Miss Joya Jae's 1 year page. The hearts come off the page a bit.. you can see it better in real life.
Joya's mama's girl page.  =) That picture cracks me up!  And I can say that because she's reaching for me.. poor Darin!
Here is a page I had started at the last scrap day and finished since then. Our little "Ca-cation" (as adie calls it) over spring break. 

So you have it.. my recent pages. And I've noticed too that I'm even more simple than I used to be. Probably because I feel so stressed that I'm not producing a million pages! Ah.. like I said.. the Lord just needs to say, "on the 25th hour of the day, let their be Scrap Hour! And it was."

I would greatly appreciate that, Lord!


Then There Were Three... said...

Scrapbooking? What is scrapbooking??... I haven't printed a picture of Sienna since she was 6 months. I am ASHAMED!! You now have me worrying about her graduation party and if there will be any pictures to display of her! haha

They look great, Darcy! Such cuties you have!

Kat said...

love the idea of a scrap hour! ha!

yeah, you're doing way better than i am- i barely ever scrap! don't really have any methods, either. even with who or where the books will go. i've decided to keep it fun and not stress over it. for me its a fun hobby, and while its nice to keep the record for our family to view in the future, i don't want to stress over it too much now! but i still do stress over it, and really really really wish i could scrap more!

LOVE all your pages, as always!

Jewel said...

Darce, I USE to scrap when Braylon had his video time. Since my scrapbooking table is in the living room. So while he's watching, I'm scrapping right next to him. And after video time, it's nap time. So I would put him down & then finish what I was working on so usually I scrapped about an hr. a day. Unfortunately since Jaydon I haven't been able to do that! I totally chuckled @ your last statement in this post about Scrap Hour!

Shannon said...

Yes I am struggling to fit scrapbooking into my world. I set all my stuff up yesterday and I got 2 pages done from 4:30 am to 9pm at night with you know, mom and wife obligations. I, too, wish I would have had a system set in place before children b/c now with two, I feel like I am constantly playing catch up!! And, all of mine are going to them, and I don't have any for myself =/ Does that mean I need to start another one? Ouy!
Anywho, when you figure out a system, let me know :)
I love all the pages, of course, but my fav is the one with the hearts!

Stephanie said...

Don't get down on yourself! I think with EVERY first child, you have more time and ideas. It's hard to realize that when 1, 2, or 3 more come along, you won't have as much time anymore, to be able to do the same things for them. It's hard. I have to say, though, that I really don't like scrapbooking, and my mom got me a scrapbook for C's babyshower. So, I diligently scrapped a pregnancy photo, birth photos, and baptism photos. That is all I did for C, and then painfully did for A and L. So, now they all have the same "topic" of scrap pages. If I liked it, I might have gone crazy like you, and then I'd be where you are now! Again, don't feel bad. There just isn't enough time in the world. Your girls will understand. =)