Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pajama Party!!!

Newsflash.. it's the beginning of August. 

That might mean different things to different people but for us it means 2-a-day football practices!  This means that daddy is gone from 2:15pm-10pm every night for two weeks. The past two weeks I've gotten pretty creative with things to do every night.  Most of the time it's a walk and a visit to uncle Greg's and aunt Natalie's or go swimnming at grandma's.. but last Friday night I came up with an idea to do a Pajama Party for us girls.

(And if anyone asks Adie about this said Pajama party, the definintion of a PJ party is lay a blanket on the floor and eat popcorn until the clock hits 8pm for bedtime!  Thank you much!) 

Cept the cashier at Walmart just about ruined it...Adie told her that we were having a PJ party and the gal asked, "Are you watching a movie and staying up real late?"

Don't worry, I gave her the "shut up" look.  I think she was a mom and understood.

Anywho, we had a great time.

Like Wrigley in the background watching for dropped corn.. the little guy LOVES popcorn!
Joya double-fisting it.. she knew I was behind the camera and couldn't eat out the kernels leaving the "puffs" of the popcorn.. so before I get a hate comment about my baby potentially choking (or a REAL brave annonymous one).. these are the two kernels that got thru as I was snapping pics!

Happy to annouce that Darin just got home and the head coach is taking away one practice tomorrow night and he'll be home at 5:30!  This would be splendid but I have a meeting at 6:00. =/  Gotta love our busy life!  We'll "high five" as he gets home and I leave.

And watch for the next post.. gunna blog about what all Darin has accomplished this summer on his break.  He is a little work-a-holic, that's for sure!  Let's just say I am in love with my front porch.  And we did it for about $200.  I KNOW!  We are so frugile (aka cheap).  Stay tuned...


Shannon said...

Hehe, giggle giggle, snort snort!! Love it :)

I love the blog too!!! :) :) :)

Kat said...

so, so cute- and fun!
dont' worry, izzy LOVES popcorn. i think there are much worse chocking hazards out there....

Sarah said...

So if I never EVER bit the kernels out of my babies' popcorn, does that make me a really bad mom? We love popcorn and I'm pretty sure my kids were all eating it way before they turned a year old... the whole thing. Oops. :/

And cheap is not a bad thing! Can't wait to hear how you did your porch!

Aabell said...

Don't worry...both Ayla & Jackson have eaten popcorn from a very young age. You're right there to help if there is a choking issue. But in our case, Jackson chokes on ordinary things in his dinner because he has no portion control! No hate comments from me!

Nikki said...

I love you. And I love your blogs. And I love your hidden messages...ok, maybe it wasn't that hidden. Hee hee... :)