Thursday, February 03, 2011

Might not wanna look today..

If you don't like scrapbook pages.  =)

Posting 14 of my recent ones but first I wanna talk about something. I've received a few anonymous negative comments over the years of this ol' blog and I don't publish them. 
But a few days ago I received one and I decided to publish it for you all to see.  You all left the commenter messages so I will too.  I know that me putting myself out there on the internet is my choice and not everyone is going to agree with what I say.  
Duh. =)  
I know I usually keep my blogs light and fun because that's the way I want it to be.  It's not that I want to portray myself to be perfect by any means.. all that know me know I'm FAR from perfect! HA! My blog's not ever gunna be a place where I air my dirty laundry or even complain about my hubby, my life or poopy situations I'm going thru.  I don't believe it's the place to do so.  Don't worry, the Lord, Darin, my sister and close friends get those fun vent sessions from me. =)  But I was asked questions on my exercise routine so I answered the questions and added some insight on my journey with food and exercising.  Maybe it helped someone.  If it helped one person the post was worth it.  =)  So yeah, feel free to keep reading but just know that you aren't discouraging me and my blog will continue to be the way it's always been.  Hopefully fun, silly and even a bit shallow some days. =)  

Alrighty, here we go with pages I've been working on in my quest to catch up as fast as I can while my photography biz is slower!  Remember to double click on the pages if you want to see the journaling.
FINALLY Joya's 1st b-day page.. from last May. Oops. =/

Lotsa dimension on the page below in the title and banner... pics of the girls and I over 6 months. And my changing hair color. =)
Confession: my least favorite pages to do.. Christmas. =/  Not big on themey things.
The ONLY time Joya has fell asleep while eating.  Glad I got a picture of it cuz she hasn't done it since!
Note to self.. paper at the dollar spot at Target with glitter glitter-poops on EVERYTHING it touches.  You can see it all over the pictures!
I want to get more pictures of our cruise complete. Makes me feel the 100 degree weather with the 8" of snow we have outside right now.
One of my new faves.. cuz my Adie is being super silly in it. =)
Another fave.. I SUCK at getting good pictures of the girls.  Yes, i call myself a photographer and yes, I suck at getting quality pictures of my girls together.  
Joya's 1st pigs. =)
She likes to climb into EVERYTHING so she needed a page about how she gets stuck in everything!

I think this page is going in the family book.. I always want to remember how Adie drove around with Joya on the handlebars. =)
Our Joya is not lacking spunk, that's for sure...
Adie debuting in 3 Christmas Programs this year...
And anyone that has a preschooler knows that this is a big deal.. Line Leader Day. =)


Anonymous said...

I am loving your pages, Darcy.... they are fabulous! I especially look for good multi-photo inspiration and your pages are perfect for these. Love seeing your work again!


Kat said...

as alwasy, love love love your pages!
your girls are precious!
and you've inspired me to get back to scrappin!

Linz said...

Those are awesome pages! LOVE the one of the girls together....that seems to be my issue is never getting a good pic of them together...unless you take them of course;)

Linz said...

Those are awesome pages! LOVE the one of the girls together....that seems to be my issue is never getting a good pic of them together...unless you take them of course;)

Anonymous said...

I love looking at your pages, they give me great inspiration when I work on mine.

Mindy M

Emily said...


You should host a scrap booking workshop for newbies. I would totally pay to come to that!!


Superlole said...

Love the pages!! I love scrapbooking too...but my pages aren't nearly as cool as yours!! I love the style :) don't worry about the negative comments, you are awesome, and the blog is great!


Jill H said...

hooray for scrapbooking :-) I need to do some of that! love the 'can't get it' page, how fun :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Darcy! Super cute pages...quick question: Do you use a scrapbooking book(not sure that's the right term), templates, or digital programs? I love the detail to your pages but have a hard time figuring it out myself and/or falling in a rut of doing the same style. Just curious :) Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Wish I was this good at scrapping! Is that even a scrapbook term? It sounds like boxing ;) Love them & find it interesting that "anonymous stalker" didn't comment back & own up to who they are. W. Only reason I'm only signing W. is because I don't need any stalker trying to "friend" me everywhere! Like I said yesterday. You have always been true at heart & our Lord smiles on the Grace you show to others! Love you.

ThisIsMyLife said...

thanks for sharing all your great pages!...and your heart! i always love reading your posts! you do a great job! glad to call you my friend! ;)

Jewel said...

I love your blog. You are an awesome writer! Cute scrapbook pgs. My favorite is definitely the "can't get it" pg.!

Nikki said...

LOVE these pages! The girls are going to absolutely treasure these someday! And maybe you're convincing me (slowly but surely) that I need to at least do books of their first year :) Aaaandd...VERY well written response to the ol' blog stalker. :)

Megan said...

Darcy I am so happy to see your pages. They are amazing!!! I have to ask how you get your photos in multiple sizes all with the white border. I have been trying to figure that out for awhile now. Any help you could offer would be great. Thanks. Keep up the wonderful job you do on your pages and on your blog.

Daisy Path said...

darcy...i love your blog so much! i check in on you almost every other day. haha! i always leave giggling or inspired or both! you are an amazing woman and i am so glad you don't let anonymous, negative comments take away from what you offer here! thanks for saying what you said. and your scrapbook pages are gorgeous!!!!! (i'm more of a blog stalker as i read and don't comment very much. sorry! i'll try harder! haha!) mindy f.

Jenny B in Indy said...

Love these! Great job!

Kristi said...

Beautiful scrap book pages. I too wondered how you get the smaller in size pictures...they look like a normal picture, just scaled down. I used to scrap book, the last thing I finished was a 1st year book for our son who is now 6 and haven't touched one for our other son who is 4!

PS. I love this blog and your photography blog. I found them from my cousins Jill K. & Sara & David C. Your pictures are amazing. If I didn't live 3+ hours away, I would definitely be calling you to book a photo shoot for our kids and our little one on the way! Heck, I still might! My husband & I are GC grads and love an excuse to get back there. :)