Thursday, March 31, 2011

Catch ya up...

Hey, ya all! 

So sorry It's been awhile.. I guess I took a little blogging break and didn't even realize it. =/  I try not to go as long as I have but life is just going a million miles a minute and I guess my blog took the back burner and I didn't mean too!

I decided to do a post to just catch you up on the schtuff going on in our lives. =) Totally random, some entertaining, some not. =)

Here we go.. 

Resale went WONDERFULLY!  Our best one yet!  And since we are PG with our 3rd (and last) baby I was able to sell quite a bit of the girls' clothing that won't be in the right season with this baby so I actually made money this time around!  I had many families come through my line that were given vouchers and were able to clothe their kids for the entire spring/summer season with the gift they've been given.  The sale is such a blessing to so many people.. I love being apart of it!

Darin is in FULL SWING with track.  They started practicing back in February but his indoor season just ended and outside meets have begun.  We have one tonight and I'm sure my girls will be covered from head to toe in dirt from playing in the extra long jump pit.  =)  

We had our annual "have the track girls over" dinner the other week which included 35 high school girls, pizza, my cookies, games and a hair braiding session.  Darin asked them all if they wanted me to teach them how to braid and you woulda thought he told them we were giving free money to them.. they were so pumped.  One gal said she thought about it all day.. wow, didn't know a braid lesson could do that to a teenager!  So they lined up in assembly lines and braided each other's hair.

Here I am popping off poor C's head with a crazy headband braid...

Joya has become quite the daddy's girl.  I knew it would happen.. just took a little more time than Adie did.  Adie came out of the womb as a daddy's girl!  Only took Joya 23 months...

Went to my 1st Dr's appointment for baby H #3.  I thought I was 9 weeks according to my last period.. they ended up doing an Ultrasound because I've had some bleeding (have had it with all 3 pregnancies) and the US decided that baby was only 7 weeks! This has happened with all 3 of my babies.. I go to my 1st apt and according to my last period I should be 2 weeks further than I actually am. But then my babies come 3 weeks (Adie) and 2 weeks (Joya) early. 
 So weird. 
I'm a super weird ovulator.  
And have a crazy low cervix explaining why I bleed early on with each pregnancy.
Which I'm sure you all wanted to know.
Your welcome.
So basically we found out we were PG when I was like 2 1/2 weeks along. From a dollar tree test.  I know.. crazy. But this pushes us further along into November (the 14th) which is better odds for my hubby being finished with football.  I just have to "re-do" week 7 and week 8. Blah. And Adie and Joya were with me for the Ultrasound.. Adie kept looking at the screen saying, 
"I think it's a boy."
Um, the baby is LITERALLY a bean, Adie.  It doesn't have arms or legs yet.. pretty sure no pee-pees.

Adie went thru this too.. but man, Joya is BAD!  I have her hair all cute and she NEVER keeps it in.  One day last week I had a session here at the house an I plopped Joya up on my backdrop and told her how pretty she was. That must be code for, "take out the pony mommy just put in my hair" because this is what she did for me...

All while she is saying, "Ouch!"
So proud.  
And she always tried to give it back to me.

Her goofball face when I told her that she needs to leave it in her hair....
We walk around a lot with hair like the above picture. Big ol' dinosaur hump.

My photog blog got revamped a few weeks ago!  I LOVE it!!!  Kristina did it with Two Happy Mama's Blog Design and she did just a wonderful job. =)  I wanted a clean but fun look and she accomplished it without taking away from my pictures. Yeah, I am one happy client!

And today Miss Joya watched me put on my make up and after I put on my lip liner I look down and she'd grabbed my eye liner to do this...
So pretty!  And you all got to see what her hair looks like if she does leave the ponies in!

How did I go an entire post without pictures of Adie Grace?  Here's a crazy one for ya that Darin caught on the point-n-shoot...
She stuck her head near the blower of the dehumidifier. Yes, this is what we do for fun around here. =)  Cheap entertainment.

My sis is coming for 2 WHOLE WEEKS starting this Saturday so I may be MIA again.. she comes once a year from Washington State so I try to spend as much time as possible with her while she's here.  With her kids and my bro's kids and ours.. there's 8 kids total 5 years old and under.  

Um, a big ol' serving of chaos, anyone?  

A trip to the circus, Shipshewana, Chicago, an indoor bounce house trip, the Vera Bradley friends and family night at their annual sale, Ky's 1st b-day party and lotsa playing?? I can't wait!


Kat said...

fun update!
i especially love the pics of joya taking her ponies out!
oh, and when you do make it out here to take our family pics, you can also give me braiding lessons. i've been practicing, but i'm not good! ;)

jen said...

what do you use for your backdrop? i like the shiny white surface.

Jewel said...

Those are awesome pics of Joya! And I really like the one of Adie & her fly-away hair! Praying for a blessed visit w/your sis!

Nikki said...

"You're Welcome" HAHA! I mean...who DOESN'T want to hear about your cervix & weird ovulation patterns??? I know I do! hee hee...Love ya!

Katrina said...

Gotta say Darc...lovin' your due date! That's my birthday!!! Congrats! Love the pics of the girls.