Monday, May 09, 2011

Birthday Partay and the Jump-oline

 Yesterday we celebrated our little girls' birthday's!  30 friends and family members came over for the festivities. The girls are a bit obsessed with princesses and dressing up as royalty so we decided to have a princess party!

 With the AMAZING 75 degree weather we had a bit ol' cookout, then opened some gifts and the kids played outside.  Here are a few pictures... 
She kinda looks like she needs to potty. =)

My Joya is a bit expressive when opening gifts... 

And another...

I have no clue where she gets it!
Her father, but of course. =)

We had a bit of barbie princess cake while in our princess gowns....

Love this pictures of the girls and my nephew Jett blowing out the candles..

Then all the kiddos went outside to play in the sandbox...

And the new "jump-oline", as my girls call it.  Darin and I and papa Denny and grandma Susie got the girls a trampoline for their birthday's.  It was something Darin would have gotten them last year if I would have let him. =) I was still a bit hesitant because they are only 2 and 4 but Darin suggested the idea of burying it so the risk of them falling off it and breaking an arm was reduced.  And I'm all about them learning some tumbling asap. So I agreed. =) 

Last week we purchased it and put it up so Darin could get the dimensions and start digging. The girls were excited and gave it 2 thumbs up. =)
Or at least Joya tried to give a thumbs up, gave up and told me she was "2" instead.

And please excuse their ugly play clothes. My girls RUIN clothing so we have an entire drawer of ruin clothes!

As you can see, I think they approved.

So Darin started digging.. he came up with his own system instead of what we read online. He measured where the legs were on the trampoline and dug down the height of the trampoline's legs. He put down PVC pipe into the hole that was slightly larger than the trampoline leg. He put cement into the holes and stuck the PVC pipe into the cement. Let that dry for a few days...

Then yesterday afternoon before the party he dug for a few hours. =) He dug out the middle of the hole into a "dome" like bowl.  Dug it deep enough so that when he and i jumped we didn't hit bottom.  It will get drained and a weed barrier will be put down.  yesterday the goal was to get it into the ground!  And he finished at 4:35pm for a party that started at 5pm!

And this is the outcome!

My nephews trying it out. =)

And a little video of all the kids trying out the new in-ground trampoline...

We love it!  (Hopefully) less injuries and I don't hear, "mommy, I want up!"  and "mommy, I want down!" 

Heavenly. =)

And happy birthday to my princesses.. my big 4 year old and my 2 year old baby!!!

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Michael said...

Happy birthday to Addie and Joya! We have play clothes just like those, just a bunch of mis-matched stained and/or old clothes perfect for dirt and sad. Love the in-ground trampoline, great idea!