Saturday, July 02, 2011

Another thing I need to be addicted to...

Yes, I needed ONE MORE thing to be addicted to on the internet!  Not only is there Facebook, blogs and all time suckers.  But now there is which could be the most time suck of all!  If that's possible. 

A friend had me try to explain it to her and I explained it as a digital magazine website where you get ideas from room designs to recipes to pretty quilts to DIY fabric rosette necklaces. 

A creative mecca. 

And all these people tell you how to do the said creative masterpiece. 

Everyone goes to pinterest and posts their ideas with a link to their blog or site that explains how to make the said idea.  Once you become a member (free) it somehow it links to facebook so pinterest knows who all your friends are.  It starts by seeing what all your friends' favorite "pins" are. There's boxes all over your screen of your friends' favorite ideas. Then you can steal their favorite pins. You really have to go check it out to get the full effect. 

Thought I'd share a little (SUPER EASY) idea. 

Assorted glass jars filled with my summer flowers from my garden. None of the jars were purchased.. they are tomato sauce jars, pickle jars and my fave is the hot fudge jar cuz it has a pretty trim on top.  Easy as that!  

Now go sign up for pinterest. And kiss countless hours goodbye. 


Kat said...

like i said- i'm avoiding at all cost! i do not need any more time sucks! but i LOVE that flower/jar idea! i have tons of jars! will do it for my next dinner party ;)

Anonymous said...

I already use old Mason jars for vases! Before we got married, my husband used them as his drinking glasses, so we have tons! They're great! I'm going to check that site out!

Sarah said...

I started browsing (not actually pinning) that site a few months ago and I could have looked at it for hours! I haven't had the time to really go back to it so maybe I should be thankful for that :)