Sunday, July 24, 2011


Just back from our tour of the Midwest.  We hit Lake Geneva, WI to visit a Purdue friend & her family, Bible Memory Camp in Iowa and then stopped in Chicago at an indoor water park.. we are whipped!  My girls actually slept until 8am this morning and that is unheard of.  Seriously.  

First stop was to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin to visit my best good bud from Purdue, Molly and her family.  She's got 3 little girls too so we're about to join her club. =)  The girls and Darin tubed on Saturday and Darin got to ski on Sunday.. we had such a great time catching up and letting our girls play together.

Last October we saw each other and forgot to snap a picture of the 2 of us... we didn't forget this time... and I look rough.. this is what I look like after photo sessions. =/  Your welcome for the great picture.

We took one of all our little blondies as well.. Josie was sleeping so we'll get her in the picture next time.  And next time we'll add another blondie to the mix!

I did a little session with Molly and her family and then she snapped a few of us.  LOVE this one!  We hardly ever get family pictures of us!!

Next we headed off to Iowa for Bible Memory Camp. Darin was the Bible speaker for the week and it was another great year.  Seven kids made first time commitments to Christ and lots more rededicated their lives. Even Adie was asking questions like, "Why did Jesus come to die on the cross?"  And others like, "How can Jesus live in my heart but grandma Linda lives up with him in heaven?"  Um, that one was deep!  Each question warms our hearts because the greatest goal of ours is for our girls to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. Our biggest ministry.  =)

And even tho my big dog camera was at camp this year can you believe I didn't take any pictures in Iowa?  Probably because it was 100 degrees each day with a heat index of 115. =/  I took the camp picture this year for them and it took 15 minutes for my lens to defog from going from our air conditioned cabin to the sweltering hot outside. =/ 

We decided to make our little vacation last a bit longer on the way home and stayed in Gurnee at an indoor water park.  The girls LOVED it!  They are just starting to get brave in the water so this was perfect timing for them to keep up their swimming skills. 
And a blog post of mine would seem incomplete here lately without a picture of my Darin without a shirt!  HA!

My favorite quote from Darin while we stayed at the water park was, "Who needs a son?" said after Adie made him go countless times down the big slide on an inner-tube.  He's so content with his 3 girls. =)  Love that about him.

And my favorite quote from Joya was, "Did you see that?" said EVERY time she went down the kiddy slide. She was so proud. 

and I'll leave ya with a video of the girls having fun on the slide. 

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All in all a great trip! Can't wait til next year when we do it all over again!  

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