Monday, August 01, 2011

Dear Darin...

I just kissed you goodbye before you headed off to football 2-a-day's. The season has begun.  I joked as I said, "See ya in November!" but it's kinda true.  I know you have been gifted to be a coach and it's one of your biggest ministries. I love how much you love it. It's what separates the good coaches from the "ok" coaches.. you have a passion for the sport and even more you have a passion for training those boys for LIFE which makes you a stellar coach. 

I know coaching came with the marriage and I always tell myself that I can't complain.. I knew what I was getting into before I married you.  We both know it takes up a ton of your time but I know you are teaching these kids' more than just how to catch a football.. you are an encourager, a role model and I believe you will never know how your weekly bible chapels before every Friday night game effect those boys each and every day of their lives. And thanks to you the boys in the classes of 2005-2009 will always refer to me as Mrs. Smiley. =)  Your chapels motivate me so much I want to suit up and go knock down a few of the poor opponents too!  Man you are good at what you do!  Those kids are lucky to have you as a coach.

I support you, I love you and thank you so much for an amazing summer and all the help you gave me with the girls and house work while I chase my photography goals.  You pretty much took over the laundry this summer on top of all the other projects I made you do!  I never once went to the grocery store with the little ladies and I can never thank you enough for that break!  You pretty much just potty trained Joya by yourself and I owe ya BIG TIME for that one!

So I'm only half way joking when I say, "see you in November" just because I'm going to miss you. I love being around you.  Your little ladies and I love you, Darin Jay! 



Jewel said...

Oh my gosh, that is such a sweet note! Thanx for sharing a piece of your heart!

Revlie said...

love reading how much you adore & love your man. he's so good! love reading happy notes :)