Thursday, August 25, 2011

My girls.

Wow.. I blink and over a week goes by without a post!  Sorry about that!  

This post is dedicated to my girls.. my goofy, quirky, silly girls. 

I don't usually dress them in matching outfits but I did Sunday for church.. called for an image or two...

This picture was taken right after I finished up Joya's hair and went to do my own in my bathroom.  Adie came bursting into my bathroom holding back tears asking me to 
"please put curls in my hair so I can be like you and Joya."

Broke my heart.

This is what scares me about having girls. 
Different body builds. 
Just to name a few of my fears. 

Darin had made a big deal about Joya's hair "looking like mommy's" and Adie got sad. Super sad.  That stuff usually doesn't bother her. But after we did her hair and Darin talked up her super pretty straight hair that's prettier than Rapunzel's.. she was holding her head high and loving life.  Ready for church. 

Ah.. for some reason the good Lord is giving us 3 little ladies so I'm gunna trust He knows what He's doing.  A little reminder to cast all my cares and fears over to him. Again.  They are HIS girls and He loves them more than I do.. He just trusted us to help out in raising them for a bit. 


Enough of that sad stuff.  Funny story about Adie last week. 

The puppy was barking at the neighbor doggie and Adie ran over to the sliding glass door, stuck her head out and yelled, 

"hey Bark-Face, stop your barking!"

Hmmm.  I'm SURE she heard that from Darin.  

Um, sure. 

Then she and Joya climbed up on the chair to watch me make dinner...
And yes.. sometimes we cook in our undies, thank you for showing us all that, Joya.

Anywho, Adie asked me to teach her how to cook so "when she leaves this place she knows how."  

Um, she's 4.  

Thinking ahead bout leaving the nest, I guess. 

Then she commanded Joya to not touch that hot pot or she would die. 

A little dramatic.  Also gets that from her father.

Realized I'd taken like 20 personal photos in the month of August on like the 20th.  =/  We went to the park and snapped a few. 
The benefits of having a photographer as a mother.. you have a lot of professional pictures done of ya. 

The definite NON perk of having a photographer of a mother.. there are no candid, everyday pictures of you because you are working so much and taking pictures of OTHER people's kids that you don't have your camera glued to your eye like you should. =/ 

Forgive me girls.. I'll try to get better. 

Just had to show you my little Joya.. 2 and a half and just cut her last incisor tooth. Silly girl...
Potty trained and finally has all the teeth that a normal 18 month old has!

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Jewel said...

Your girls are adorable. And you & Darin are doing an amazing job! So neat to see Darin praising his girls & their beauty!