Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I took my camera on Thursday to opening day of something near and dear to my heart..


It stands for Mother's of Tots to Teens.  Just wanted to dedicate this blog post to the most wonderful bible study there is.. in my book, that is. =) Four years ago my sister in law and I (Natalie) ventured to Wakarusa Missionary Church (not our home church) to try out a little get-together that our friend Erin had been apart of.  One visit and were were hooked. Just a little background.. MOTTT'S used to be a MOPS but they didn't like that you got "kicked out" of the group once you didn't have preschoolers anymore.  They also didn't like the fee and wanted more of a bible study like feel.  So MOTTT'S was created. And man, am I glad that our elementary and high school aged moms still come!  We learn SO MUCH from them!

Every year we pick a book that will act as our "study" and gives us all kinds of topics to talk about. This year it's "More than a Good Bible Study Girl" by Lysa Terreurst. (The Made To Crave author.. you KNOW I'm excited about this book!)

From year to year we alternate the theme of the year long book we study with topics like parenting, marriage and ourselves and our walks with God... obviously this year is more about our personal relationship with JC. I've read the 1st chapter and it was our author's testimony.. um, I'm hooked! 

Yesterday at our first meeting of the year we had about 50 women. It's so fun to see old friends and meet new ones. =)

I'll give you a little glimpse of what the morning looks like in case I've got locals that are interested in coming... we'd LOVE to have you!

9am - We drop off our kiddos to their classes filled with quality workers that my kids ADORE!  Of course they go through screening to make sure they have clean records and such.. wanna make sure your kids are very much taken care of. =)

9-9:15am - Eat the AMAZING breakfast that everyone takes turns bringing.  When Hannah brings her cinnamon rolls.. DO NOT miss. You will regret the calories being added to your thighs. 

9:15am - One of our leaders, Pat pictured below, starts us out with announcements and such. Pat is just about the most God honored women I know (right up there with my mama).  She seeks God in everything she does and I admire this woman so entirely much.  She puts her heart into this ministry FULL OUT.

9:40ish-10:10ish - Pam, our other AMAZING leader, teaches and leads a discussion from our book. She is another lady that I look up to immensely.  She can lead a bible study like no other.. always has the right questions to ask, gives us things to think about and just does an amazing job with us.  Love her. =)
10-10:30ish we do prayer requests, praises and Selah moments (how you've seen God in your life).  Many, many women have prayed for houses to sell, for women to get pregnant and for kids to sleep through the night.. just to name a few. God hears us.. it's so amazing to see how He answers when one or more are present to pray.  Yeah, just can't say enough good about it!

It's an AMAZING program and if anyone is local and wants to try it out, let me know. I'd love to give you even more information!

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Jewel said...

Amen! What an awesome post. You detailed it out perfectly! Great pics of Pat & Pam!