Wednesday, January 25, 2012

{baby} weight loss wednesday - guilt free edition

This post is going to be short and to the point.. have a serious head cold and I want to go lay down and watch some PBS with my Adie as the other 2 nap!

 Darin took his ladies and I out last Saturday night to a steak house where the yeast rolls melt in your mouth.  Just as that cinnamon butter melts all over the roll.
And all ya gotta do is ask for more and they will bring them at your beck-n-call. 

But I was totally satisfied with my side salad, grilled chicken and no-butter sweet potato. 

We talked about how my new eating and exercise plan was going on the way home and I told Darin that I feel soooo good. Not only do I feel strong and energetic and don't loose my breath walking up the steps and don't mind squatting and picking up things off the floor.. but I have no GUILT with the food I'm eating and with my exercise plan.  This is not how I used to roll. Food and exercise controlled me... everything would cause me guilt.

I would feel guilty if I ate something sweet after dinner even tho I craved it so (or felt like I deserved it).
I would feel like I HAD to exercise to burn away all those extra calories I ate or wanted to eat. 
I  felt guilty when I ate low-fat ice cream full-out knowing that I am NOT eating a serving of it.. that crazy big dip size is actually a 3 serving size. 

This time loosing weight and staying on my health plan has been SO MUCH easier!  And I think it dawned on me.. food and exercise is not controlling me. 

I am in control of it.

There is no guilt when you stick to the plan and do it God's way.  Food and exercise do not have a foot-hold on you if you realize a few things...

Exercise to be healthy.
Eat to live, don't live to eat. 
I don't feel like I'm depriving myself.. don't think of all the foods you can't eat, think of all the foods you CAN eat!

Ok.. I know this one is short and to the point but this time taking off the weight feels different. And I feel like since I'm not obsessing about it and feeling deprived, the Lord has rewarded me with goal jeans that slip right on.  =)  Yep.. those white-stitched size 5/6 jeans fit!  This makes me smile.. big.

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Jewel said...

Jaydon was sitting my on lap when I read this post & when I scrolled down & your picture popped up, he chuckled! :) Awesome job not feeling guilty! And having self-control. Wow! I know butter you are talking about & oh man, you are one strong lady! :) Keep it up!