Wednesday, February 08, 2012

{baby} weight loss wednesday - tips edition

And I'm not talking beef tips altho they are sounding really good right now. =/

Today I'll give you some tips of what I've been doing.  Some of them are like "duh" and some might motivate you to do the same thing.  Here we go!

*I'm a stay-at-home mom.  I love me a comfy pair of yoga pants.  Lately I've been trying to wear jeans around the house during my day-to-day activities.  It's kinda a silly tip but I know I tend not to eat more if there's something restrictive around my waist! Try it. You'll be craving your yoga pants but won't eat as much!

*I have written scriptures around my kitchen.  Seen here:

Just key reminders in certain places of my kitchen to remind me why I'm doing what I'm doing and what God says about it. =)  Well, the last phrase isn't scripture but it sure does make sense!

*I use greek yogurt instead of light mayo on my turkey sandwiches. Actually, I've been replacing greek plain yogurt in every recipe that calls for sour cream.  It tastes like the full fledged fat sour cream but is fat free and FULL of protein!

*When I exercise, I exercise HARD because I don't want to waste my time! The higher your knees are up, the more intense you  squat.. the more calories you burn. And I am in the business of burning the most calories in the least amount of time possible. Yep.  And God calls us to do everything to the best of our ability. 

*Still doing the greek yogurt with granola for breakfast. I rarely get hungry before lunch! Protein rocks.

*Beano. A must if you made the black bean soup recipe and are consuming as much fiber as I am. 
I was offensive to be around myself before beano. 
Yes.. that was a very honest tip.  Your welcome. =)

*When you bend down to pick up a toy (as we all do a million times a day) make it a big ol' squat. Your butt and quads will thank you for it. 

*Bring out a toy your kids haven't played with in a long time when you want to exercise.  Today my 45 minute exercising took an hour and a half.  A friend called, had to get Adie off to carpool and the baby had to nurse. Most days it doesn't take this long but a new/unplayed with toy for Joya would have helped her stay happy for an hour and a half!  And a happy Joya makes a happy exercised mama. 

*Give yourself rewards when you loose each 5lbs. My reward was the white-stitched jeans with the first 5lbs. My next 5lb reward is an hour massage.  Just make sure your rewards aren't food related!   

*And last but not least.. PRAY before you exercise. Pray that the Lord takes your time and obedience and multiplies it to the health of your body. If we surrender our exercise to Him before we start, He knows our hearts and will give us the desires of our hearts!  The desire for a healthy body!

And promise.. the next post will not be exercise and food related! One of my besties Amanda said she hasn't checked my blog in a month cuz all it is is weight loss stuff.  =) I put up a post yesterday on Facebook about cloth diapering and had a HUGE response.  I've also had a few people ask me about it here on the comments section of my blog.  I'll be brutally honest and tell you what's worked for us and what's not!  Next post is about baby butts.. and how to cover em'. =)

Oh.. and if you have a good eating, exercising tip, share them here on the blog in the comments section (instead of my Facebook post.. this way all readers can see the tips instead of just my FB friends)  

We're all in this together! Lets learn from each other!


Whitney Baierle said...

Darcy-All of your post are very inspirational to me! They make me think of things and ways that I would not have thought about with exercising. The verses that you post are very true and how you are honoring God with this. I am not exercising yet but some little things that I have done are cut out pop and instead of eating from a plate, I eat from a bowl to have portion control and no 2nds. Just a few tips I have. =)

Kat said...

Awesome tips! When I've been trying to lose weight, one of my big things is to drink lots of water!!!! Totally helps, keeps your belly full, and a lot of times I think I'm hungry when I'm not. I also try to wait 20 minutes before deciding if I should get more food or have that extra snack....

a tonagel said...

Hey, I actually read this one! :) Aren't you shocked! And I didn't read just because it was about weight loss. I am just ADD and when I see a ton of words I tune out. For some reason I actually skimmeed your post today and saw my name so then I had to read it. :) Maybe that is what you should do if you want me to read. You have to hide my name somewhere in the post. :) hah!
My tip... someone just told me they saw this on pinterest... put two glass jars out. the one of the left put the number of pounds you want to loose in by putting that number of glass beads in the jar. The other jar stays empty. As you loose, move the beads over. Hopefully you will have them all moved over someday.
and i just wrote so much that you probably tuned out b/c you are ADD too. :)

Jewel said...

Amanda, I loved your comment!

Dina said...

Great post! I have been using an app called MyFitnessPal on my phone (iphone and android have this app). You enter all your info, including the weight you want to be. It tells you how many calories things are (with a barcode scanner too!!!). It deducts calories when you eat and adds them when you exercise. As you lose weight and enter in your new weight it lessens your calories. My FAVORITE part of the the app is the can create a network and keep each other accountable. By accountable I mean your friends have complete access to see what you are eating and the exercise you are doing. It has been GREAT and I have lost almost 10 pounds in 2.5 weeks.