Tuesday, April 17, 2012

{baby} weight loss wednesday - tuesday tips edition

Thinking of this NOW so I'm going to do an early post!!!!

I have gotten SOOOOOO bored with the exercise routine I've been doing the last 4 months.  Bored is NOT a good place for me to be cuz it also means I haven't seen much difference in my body so I'm going to share a few tips with you to help you get out of the rut you may be facing too!!

* Borrow workout DVD's from friends.  I asked on FB if anyone had the Insanity workout DVD's that they would be willing to loan me for 60 days. (That's what the infomercial says.. promises insane results in 60 days.. I'm going to take them up on that claim!)  My long-time friend Abby is going to send me the DVD's all the way from Florida to try out for a bit! She's all pregnant so is not using them at the moment. =) So don't be afraid to ask friends to swap DVD's and get your body a new workout!  I had seen the infomercial one too many times and was tempted to TIVO the infomercial and workout to it!  Woulda figured out some moves to do when they interviewed past Insanity people with their sweaty gray t-shirts. =)  You think I am kidding.. I AM that cheap!

* Workout with friends. I've had two of my besties come over during preschool to workout with me the past couple of weeks. For some reason I like this. Doing it with a friend is always more fun. 

* And while I'm waiting for my Insanity DVD's, I looked up workouts on youtube. I'm not kidding. =)  Flashback to college days and did some Tae-Bo with good ol' Billy Blanks!  10 years later it still kicks my butt!  I forgot the phrase, "double-time!" and remembered that the back of the tape said you could burn 1,000 calories an hour.. I totally believe this after doing a workout this morning!  CONSTANT cardio!  Here's the link to the workout I did this morning: TAE BO

So there are some tips. =) Hopefully you aren't as bored with your workout as I got!  Doing much better now that my Insanity DVD's are in the mail and I found Billy Blanks on youtube. =)

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