Monday, July 23, 2012

little lake action

Last week we spent a little time with one of my Purdue besties, Molly! It was so good to see her. Last year we stopped by Wisconsin on our way to Iowa and decided it needed to be a yearly thing. We always play on the lake, let our girlies squeal and play and take family photos as well. After I took some of Molly and her 3 girls and hubby, she grabbed some of us! 
Also did a little tubing.. if you could call thing thing a tube! It was basically a blown up couch with handles being pulled behind a boat. 
That is my kind of tubing!
Only reason I went on it cuz I knew my odds were slim to none on falling off! Still did my share of screaming. No joke. 
Then the boys kicked us off because we were chatting. The only peace and quiet we had away from 6 little girls was being drug behind a boat. Well, peace and quiet when I wasn't screaming. =/ 

Molly is also in the 3-little-girl club so we had to take a few pictures of our ladies!
Molly's youngest was running around and my Emery was sleeping.. so we just got the 4 oldest girls. =) Maybe they'll make the picture next summer. 

And here's one with Emery.. she thought the boat (and her tongue) was super cool!
 Trying to figure out when to visit them at their home in Scottsdale (Lake Geneva is her parent's lake house). Thinking maybe Christmas Break and sticking in some mini-sessions for Mol's friends.. don't have to twist my arm to head off to Scottsdale in the middle of winter! Really hoping it works out!

My sis and her family (3 boys) are visiting right now so we're having a blast with that.  So needless to say my blog posts will still probably be slim to nothing for the remaining of the summer. It's just flying by!

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