Tuesday, January 31, 2006

InKredible Kristen!!!

I'm running out of "K" words, here!

Today's "Gymnast of the Day" is the evah so eKxeptional, striKing, quirKy, Kute:


(I think I got her braids a little too tight! Don't worry, we fixed this before she was seen in public)

I'm really positive that if Kristen wasn't on our team, it'd be kinda boring. She adds so much life to the team. It's just crazy. She has been such a great addition to beam and floor for our team. (She only does the two.. she almost kills herself getting over the vault and her bar skills are downright funny) This girl has the CUTEST dance and presence on floor! More importantly, I love Kristen for her honesty, ditziness and her personality.

What I like about Kristen:
She is such a go-getter. She works so hard on her routines. She is easy to coach. She is always open to suggestions and is always eager to try something new. I just love this little gals personality, too. She's so easy to be around and loves to laugh!! She really is a sweet-heart!

Kristen's greatest accomplishment:
Last night she had a personal best on floor.. a 8.3!! Great job, chica. So stinking proud of her! I know I joked that you are dating the judges son, but I was kidding!!! You did an amazing job and we are so proud of you. She's also getting SO confident and good on beam. You are such an asset to our team! (I know you will ask me later so I'll tell you now.. asset means that it's an advantage or benefit to have you on our team)

Two of Kristen's funniest stories..
(we don't have all day.. trust me, there's MANY!)
The BEST story of Kristen happened last year when she was a freshman. We were talking about hysterectomy at practice (we talk about much more than gymnastics) and Kristen got in the conversations a tad late. She then jumps right in and makes the comment,
"Yeah, my dad had one of those."
We've all learned that when Kristen makes a ditzy comment, try to hold back the laughter as much as possible and so we can keep her going. We really wanted to know about her dad's surgery where they ripped out his woman parts. But this time it was impossible. Poor thing, we laughed at her for days about that one!
Kristen just got her license. Yes, she is my gymnasts that TURNS LEFT ON RED constantly! She can't seem to remember that it's right on red. So one of the girls wrote a big "R" on her right hand so she could remember. I think it's working.
One more.. Last year she had to wear Nika (our head coaches) bra for a meet. She had forgotten the correct one for our leos so Nika's was her last option. She comes out of the bathroom and tell me, "Yeah, it's one of those weird brands. I think it's called Good and Plenty". Um Kristen, that's a candy. And if you saw Nika's bra size, you'd know that it wouldn't be called "Good and Plenty"!

I can't remember if she was peeing her pants a little bit or if she was practicing her kegals and made a funny comment. Either way, this is the norm... everyone laughing at Kristen.

What makes Kristen, Kristen:
Kristen's ditziness makes her Kristen. She is SERIOUSLY ditzy. It's not a show, what-so-ever. You know how some people can fake ditziness? Those people are Kristen's idols! just kidding.. This girl can make us laugh!! i hope she NEVER changes. =)

How I am proud of her:
I am proud of her for where her hard work has gotten her. I cannot wait to see your floor and beam routines next year at this time. If you keep working as hard as you do, the sky is the limit!

Love ya, Kristen!

I made up a poem for you, oh blog friend of mine...
Please comment for my girls,
Just give it a whirl!
They love to hear from you,
I've heard you guys are enjoying it too. =)
So comment away
To make Kristen's day!!

Okay, I won't quit my day job. I feel like that weird girl on the Bachelor that made up stupid poems for Travis! He gave her the boot.. guess no one will boot me off my own blog! Whew. I'm safe.


Valerie said...

Kristen...you seem like such a cool and fun girl!! I'm sure you keep your team mates always laughing, which is good!! Laughter is the best medicine!! Keep it up Kristen!!

Jill said...

Darcy, you are too cute...but yeah, don't quit yer day job :)

Kristen, keep 'em laughing, even if you aren't really trying! Take it from another chick who doesn't try to be ditzy...never lose your sense of silliness that God blessed you with! Except that you might want to lose it with your driving...please remember to turn RIGHT on red ok? Pretty important to remember that while driving :)

Linz said...

left on red...left on red...LEFT ON RED??!!! HA HA! That was awesome! Girl, you are so funny and always brighten my day! Our practices would definitely be boring without your hilarious comments! :-) We love you for that! Thanks for being such a coachable gymnast too! We love your willingness to always try harder! Great job! Love ya!

jes said...

Kristen, keep those stories coming, it makes you UNFORGETABLE! Sounds lik you have a huge cheering crowd that is anxious to see what you can do. And I like that you have found your strengths and are diligently working on those 2 paticular rountines. Keep up your hard work, and everything will fall into place. And let me know where you drive, so I can avoid all those roads.

kaylaaimee said...

8.3- NIIIICE job! and no worries, ditzt people are the coolest. they get to make up their own sayings and stuff. everyone wants to be like them- i know, trust me!

Wendy said...

Kristen- It's okay to be a ditz. Trust me making people laugh is always good even if they are laughing at you and not with you! They are still laughing and that makes everyone happy.
Darcy-say your LSS link. I love PIT! Have you ever gone to one of their Friday night crops? I used to, but I would end up spending all my time wandering around oohing and aahing at everything!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Kristen! you are too cute! and hilarious! Don't worry, everyone has their ditzy moments, but only few can laugh at themselves about it! Keep up the good work!

Niki L said...

Way to go on Floor, Kristen!! Floor was always my FAVORITE!! It's a great quality to have to be easy to coach...that will take you far. You are so cute and have a beautiful smile, keep showing it off!!

island girl said...

woo-hoo...ode to gymnasts has returned!!

look at those braids!! how freaking fun are those! i wish i could still wear braids!!

Kat said...

soooooo cute! i love the braids pic- too funny! and that just cracks me up that she turns left on red lights!!!!!!!! fun stuff. i love your posts about your girls, so much fun!

Nichole said...

Darce she sounds a bit like you. I could tell people the rake story...hehe:). Anyway, Kristen you sound like every coaches dream. Someone who is willing to try anything you ask of them and a hard worker. The other positive you have going is that you can laugh at yourself or at least that is what I got out of the pictures. Keep laughin' you will need it during ruff parts of life. The other great part is...I wish they would change the law and make it legal there are times when you have to wait for noone forever. Be careful though there are some crazy drivers out there. You crack me up!!!

Darin said...

Great job on the floor on Monday! It was really cool to see how much your score improved. Keep it up and keep working hard.